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    Corsair Vengeance 8x2GB DDR4 3200MHz
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  1. Apple is not an option. I want Windows. https://ksp.co.il/web/item/127199 this version of the Yoga Slim 7 Pro is 1,465$ (brand new) https://ksp.co.il/web/item/152269 this version of the Yoga Slim 7 Pro is 1,500$ (brand new) and again this https://support.hp.com/lv-en/document/c06575111 Envy 13 is 940$ second-hand in great condition. I think my budget is 1000$ (in Israel) so 1,500 is a big jump and I don't think I'll benefit the differences?
  2. Thanks, I think it's too expensive. Is this a good laptop for 940$ second-hand? https://support.hp.com/lv-en/document/c06575111
  3. 1. What is your budget? 700-800$ 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13-15 inch 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Just for school. Not for gaming or anything. 5. How much battery life do you need? For a full day, I guess, even though I think I can charge mid-class. 6. Do you want to play games with your laptop? No. But I want it to run smoothly (not graphics-wise). 7. What other tasks do you want to do with your laptop? Maybe some light coding, mostly office apps and browsing.
  4. Thank you for the replies I'm actually already getting used to the sound so I guess it was me. Hopefully it will become better and better in the next days.
  5. Yeah, maybe it's just weird for me. I don't think they're broken so hopefully I'll get used to it and maybe the DAC/AMP will do something.
  6. EQ is natural, no effects are on, cable is connected. The only thing I see and it's probably nothing, is the audio driver detect the headphones as a speaker (even tho I picked "Headphones"). https://gyazo.com/6ce8939139dcfd1018e9ab60f578b51f https://gyazo.com/54472eb3508f59a75f3f87a8b1007616 Thanks, for replying BTW
  7. There is nothing to setup on Windows 10 right?
  8. True, I guess. About the amp, as I said I got one on the way (Fosi Audio Q4) but from all the other resources I saw it's not really needed. My motherboard is pretty powerful and set to Max amplifier on the new headphones configuration.
  9. My English isn't great so I'll try to explain: I basically feel the vocals are not good even compared to my buds, and the music isn't clean enough like it's a little bit muffed. And I got an headache from 5 minutes of listening.
  10. Just got them, unboxed, and straight to the PC. I using the back panel of course (Asus Z270-A PRIME motherboard), and only until the DAC/AMP arrives. Anyway, the sound is not what I expected. I'm using AKG buds, and the Samsung Buds so not the top of the line, and I thought I'll get a big difference. I know sometimes you need to change some windows 10 settings, I changed the sample rate from 24 bit 48000 Hz to 24 bit 96000 Hz, and even 32 bit 192000 Hz, and still weird sound. Maybe it's just the motherboard and I need to wait for the DAC but I want to make sure I'm not miss
  11. Oh, I don't usually buy peripherals like this in Israel because the price is high, so usually ordering online is cheaper and the customs process is very easy, almost never involving me as a person. I get what you saying about the bass but I need it for gaming and high-level FPS so it's not that helpful. The HD 650 is double my budget so I'll pass on this. What do you think about this review?
  12. Wdym? I'll have to pay customs either way. Why do you prefer the 6XX over the 58X and 560S for gaming?
  13. I'm looking for a new headphones, mainly for gaming. I used the Logitech G430 for the last 3 years so everything going to be an upgrade. I saw the Drop + Sennheiser PC38X headset got really good reviews and I almost pulled the trigger, but I don't like the design at all and I'm thinking to ditch the built-in mic and just buy a separate one like the Razer Seiren Mini for 40$. I'm not planning to buy a DAC-AMP combo at first, so the headphones will be connected straight to my Asus Prime Z270-A motherboard. My Budget for the headphones is around 200$, options I considered
  14. Can I order separate 6 PIN and 8 PIN cables and use them? I don't like the extra 2 pins bouncing next to my GPU.