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  1. TotalLabourCosts= LabourHours * LabourHourlyRate; scanf("%f", &TotalLabourCosts Missing ")" in scanf
  2. I would recommend this for C#. This is really awesome If you can do each lesson per day, you can learn whole c# in few days and by the way c# is very easy to pick up if you have base in programming languages already Here is the link
  3. I would recommend you to read the book: "Let us C"
  4. use the printf function and use %(limit)d specifier
  5. ehsanawan


    I guess you should say "Ethical Hacking". It would be more better
  6. Oh Gosh..!! This is the real sh*t that I have ever heard Being the teacher myself for IT, I would recommend a hard slap on that person's face
  7. The excellent choice for this is Dreamweaver cs6 Its perfect for your need that shows the code on one side and the live preview on the other
  8. My answer will be NO. You should start it with Turbo C 3.0 and then Visual Studio when you move to C++
  9. Start with C and then go to C# and then from their you can move to web development following HTML, CSS and ASP.NET etc
  10. Notepad++ is the best editor. Many people dont know its proper usage. If you only know how powerful it is, you will not use any other editor
  11. try this: "stdlib.h" instead of <stdlib.h> It will look in your windows header directory in this way
  12. Yes you can and it will not slow down