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    Chess, computers, games, and dune


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    Asus z97i-plus
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    EVGA 670 4GB
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    Fractal Node 304
  1. Thanks for the help, but I don't have 10000 for a watch.
  2. Hi, anyone know of a watch that has a regular face, but can vibrate when you you get notifications on your phone? I know about the chrono and the trivoly, but I'm looking for something all in one. I currently wear a regular watch and love it, but I hate the looks of the screens on smartwatches. Thanks for any help
  3. Not sure, it might be that, but I have found android systems is using up a massive amount of battery, like almost 1% every 30 seconds. Not sure why this would stop vibrate from working though. Is there anything I could do?
  4. Hello, recently I've had a problem where I can't charge my verizon galaxy s5. It's been rooted for a while now (about 7 months) and one day it just stopped charging. I assumed it might be the rom, so i switched to a different one. This didn't fix the problem so I decided to back to factory default. This didn't fix the problem either and I have no idea what the issue is. The battery works just fine because I can charge it on my friends gs5. Also around the same time as it stopped charging, the vibration mode on the phone no longer seems to work. This wasn't fixed by the switching of roms either
  5. Upgrading parts in laptops is extremely difficult, especially a cpu that is probably soldered to the board. It probably won't be possible.
  6. I'm trying to pair a jambox with a windows 8.1 pc. Whenever I put the device into pairing mode, my pc will find it and it will say that it's paired, however nothing on the jambox indicates that. Also the jambox won't appear in playback devices. Anybody else know some kind of solution? Pls help.
  7. Is the sale over, because all I see is a 4690k for $209.
  8. Is there any place that sells used pc parts like motherboards, ram, or cases?
  9. DMG but haven't played in about 6 months
  10. Have any brands you recommend?
  11. Has anyone ever attempted to chrome a case/ a part of a case? I heard it was pretty expensive to get stuff chrome plated, but wanted to know from somebody who had done it before. Thanks
  12. Have you ever done any mobo painting? Just wanted to know if you had any tips.
  13. z97I-plus itx. I was thinking of trying to paint the the pcie slot and the ram slots chrome. I have thought about using an aluminium tape, but it probably wouldn't look as good.
  14. I know Linus did a video on this a while back, but has anyone else tried it? How were the results? Any tips you have on it? Just trying to gauge how viable this might be.
  15. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/calebp123/saved/#view=MXPnTW try that or this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/C69VQ7