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  1. what games do you want to play and whats your goal with framerates? 32gb is overkill yes
  2. Try going to userbenchmark and running their benchmark suite. It gives you a comparison of your score to other identical hardware results and it will be clear to see if you are underperforming or not. I suspect there is a genuine problem as ive played games on a 940m whichbia significantly worse with playable frame rates on low end games
  3. Please stop advising people ‘it’ll be fine’ without actually knowing what the risks are. pit too much current down too thin a wire and you will generate a lot of heat. Heat can turn to fire. Fire isnt fun The reason the PCIe connector can take more power is it has many more pins, so the current is more spread out.
  4. So this is definitely time spent in BIoS/POST and nothing to do with any windows settings... in the old days a common thing to slow down POST was a memory check, the bios would check all the ram and boot and that would Allen it down, not sure if that’s a thing anymore but check the bios settings anyway. If not drop a line to gigabyte support and they would be able to tell you what settings affect POST time. 20 seconds is quite slow for something set to fast boot but I have no experience of that board, it could be normal for the board.
  5. I sold a 3770 / 16gb / 1050ti system for £500 recently but took us few months to shift. Had a few easy £350 offers
  6. He optiplex has a seperate front panel and power connections. The power switch is simple to reword but the front panel not so much.as long as you can live without the extra USB2 ports and front panel audio the simplest thing to do is short 2 of the ground pins (can’t remember which but it’s 2 in the middle of the connector) and then that’ll stop the ‘front panel not connected’ error on boot
  7. Yes, you short the ground pins and it will work... this is already documented on the forum
  8. I’d keep an eye out for good deals on 3770s the motherboards of 3rd gen Intel seem to by dying off regularly around this age and so there will be a few people selling their 3770 chips on when their mobo dies. if you can do the upgrade for cheap then by all means do it, but if you’re paying strong money you’re probably better off selling what you have now and buying a Newer platform.
  9. Be careful of scams, but if it’s all good then yes that’s a nice deal and a worthwhile upgrade
  10. Just grabbed an old dell vostro and was contemplating upgrading it, recasing it and shifting it on. the max processor it supports is the E8600, my thoughts are that this is too weak for any sort of gaming even fortnite, so therefore not worth bothering with. Anyone care to confirm/deny this who has experience of the core2duo processors? I
  11. 2nd / 3rd Gen Core i5 / i7 processors on LGA1155 / DDR3 are still capable systems by modern standards. The Pentium is pretty weak and you have hardly any RAM, but find an i5/i7 and some ram cheap on the second hand market and you can bring your system up to a good place for cheap. i recently sold and i7 3770 (LGA1155) 16GB DDR3 based System for £500, so certainly not old junk!
  12. Those board still command good money so it’s not great value to buy one.that said if you want afford the jump to a DDR4 platform then you’re options are limited. maybe investigate a repair? I’m sure some places can do mobo repairs?
  13. I once watched a great talk where the guy put hackers into 2 types. 1 - Mossad 2 - Not Mossad mossad are the kind of organisation that could use this vulnerability to get your data. They also have apache gunship helicopters, green berets and machine guns. if Mossad want my data, they don’t need to hack it off my gaming PC they simply knock on my door with a mildly intimidating army type and ask politely, i’ll Give them my data. not Mossad on the other hand lives in their mum’s basement and wouldn’t have a clue how to actually exploit such an exploit to get the data.