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  1. no, that means rufus steps didnt work. try googling for some "make bootable DOS usb rufus" guides
  2. Jay Deah

    Old Upgrades

    Honestly it’s LOADS different nowadays. Requires very little tech knowledge to do it and it’s super safe as very few buttons you can press could ever do hardware damage. the only real concern is having a cooler sufficient to keep the processor running cool when it’s pushing out extra heat from the extra clocks. as an example on my 8700k system I had to click one ‘auto overclock’ button and it took my system from stock 4.6 single core turbo to 5.2ghz all core! thats mental amounts of free performance
  3. Jay Deah

    Upgrading PC

    What is it your current pc isn’t doing for you that you want to improve? In order to advise on what you should do we need to know what you’re currently u happy with. your current system is already very nicely specced and competent gaming machine so it’s difficult to guess what what you could do to improve it without guessing your requirements.
  4. Jay Deah

    Just got my first SSD... What now?

    The simplest way to think is ‘no yournold programs will not be detected’ and everything you want you should re-install. this is the best mindset to be in as then you can’t be disappointed, but if you know what you’re doing you can get things to work after. my personal approach is to unplug hdd and then install fresh windows on the ssd with it being the only drive in the system. Once you’re up and running plug the bed back in and make sure it still boots from ssd and sees hdd as second drive. Then go and delete/tidy everything on the HDD
  5. Unlikely. I think it’s more likely that the USB wasn’t made bootablemproperly or your bios isn’t attempting to boot from usb. One of the advantages of a cd boot is you can physically hear the CD spinning up so you know it’s trying. i soo t the usb itself is in any way faulty so don’t waste your money buying a different one. You have another pc to check the bootabiliyu of the usb?
  6. Ok so if the USB did t work try repeating that process using a CD-R, it’s possible 1) your system can’t boot from USB 2) Rufus didn’t make the USB properly bootable
  7. to give you an idea of price difference From the Asus ROG Strix Range their B360 board is £119 here: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-rog-strix-b360-f-gaming-intel-b360-socket-1151-ddr4-atx-motherboard-mb-6b8-as.html And their Z370 board is £198.98 https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-rog-strix-z370-g-wi-fi-gaming-intel-z370-socket-1151-ddr4-matx-motherboard-mb-6dc-as.html same supplier, same manufacturer, same brand/segment. as you can see the Z370 has more features (notably overclocking) and costs more money
  8. as you can see, Z390 motherboards are not the only motherboard you can use with an i7-8700. the z390 chipset is the high end overclockable model, the other ones are much cheaper https://ark.intel.com/products/series/126380/Intel-300-Series-Chipsets?q=Intel® 300 Series Chipset#@desktop
  9. the system sounds mismatched. you have a non-overclockable (and cheaper) CPU paired with an overclockable (and more expensive) motherboard plus you have a very high end CPU (8th gen i7) paired with a mid-range GPU (1060) i would expect if you wanted a solid 1080p gaming experience the GPU is perfect but the CPU is over-specced and you could drop down a price bracket and save some $$$. Or if you want a high end gaing PC the GPU is underpowered and you would want a better GPU. i'd either go 8700+ Cheaper Mobo OR 8700k+ that z390 board as for if you want to overclock or not, if you have an 8700k its an absolute no brainer nowadays, you should do it. overclocking is not the dark art it used to be, all it basically means is fitting a decent CPU cooler and clicking an "auto overclock" button in the BIOS. It's pretty normal for an 8700K to hit 5Ghz all core turbo, and that's a significant boost in the performance over a stock one (or 8700)
  10. Jay Deah

    CPU goes to 85c when gaming

    it certainly cant hurt to remove the CPU cooler, clean and reapply fresh (good) themal paste. this should eliminate any issues caused by a bad TIM application, mounting pressure etc. also give the radiator/fans a good clean with an air duster to get rid of any dust blocking it. the temperatures you describe aren't worrying in themselves, those chips do run hot regardless of cooler. if you want to understand more about why do a google for "delidding" and why people do it. Plus even if you have a temperature control problem your PC should not be crashing even past TJMAX temps, let alone 85degrees. is the system overclocked at all? bad OC stability can definately lead to crashes. as can in-adequate power delivery (like running a 120W PSU on a 500W draw system)
  11. Jay Deah

    Old Upgrades

  12. ok this is my quick attempts at a rough guide.... go here and download the file: http://www.medion.com/gb/service/_lightbox/treiber_details.php?did=5288 run the EXE and it will prompt you to extract some files. extract them anywhere you want... now navigate to where you extracted the files you'll see these 3 files autoexec is a batch file/script that should auto-run on boot and flash the bios. the AWDFL882.exe file is the BIOS flash tool the W7358MLN.11D file is the BIOS itself now we need to make a bootable DOS drive to boot into and run this file, we'll use RUFUS: https://rufus.ie/ find yourself a USB drive you dont mind being wiped and plug it in (any size will do) in rufus select the drive in the top list. in Boot Selection pick FreeDos Partition scheme can be MBR, Target System BIOS (GPT/UEFI you dont need as yuo dont have a UEFI bios) then click START and it should wipe the USB drive and make it a bootable DOS drive. [Here is a guide i found for an older version https://www.howtogeek.com/136987/how-to-create-a-bootable-dos-usb-drive/ ] Fire up windows explorer and copy the 3 files you extracted earlier into the root of this new drive. if it prompts you to overwrite autoexec.bat say yes now reboot the PC and enter the boot menu (normally press F12 on startup, bout could be any key) and select to boot from USB. if its working then you should see the screen say start flashing BIOS MS7358 Medion? Press any key. press a key and hopfully your bios should flash! if that doesnt work automatically paste a picture of the screen you get
  13. Jay Deah

    Old Upgrades

    I think your system is pretty much at the top end of what you’ll get without wasting cash. I would reccomend you look at over clocking as this will get you a big performance boost for little (if any) spend! if you want your pc to be quicker you really want to look at selling up and going for a 6th gen or up platform. problem is your system isn’t actually that Crap so there are no easy/cheap wins
  14. Forget about the possibility of fixing this in software, I promise it isn’t a windows thing and all those bits you’re seeing are just red herrings. People mean well with trying to help but weren’t around in the days before PCs got easy/simple. This is a very common very well know and understood limitation for things of this era. the insurrections for the BIOS update are a bit crap (again back in the day only the techy people used to do this stuff as it wasn’t easy/simple) but basically you want to create a boot disk with the update on it and boot off of it. Rufus is a great tool for this and doing it via USB should work just the same as CD. also even if this works it’s possible you’ll go from 3gb max to 4gb max so be prepared to return the ram to CEX before the grace period ends. i had a dell system like this that I could never get 8gb in
  15. This looks like the latest BIOS for your system. http://www.medion.com/gb/service/_lightbox/treiber_details.php?did=5288 get that on and cross your fingers