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  1. I've been running a nas based on a HP DL380p Gen8 with a Netapp DS4243 shelf and an LSI SAS9200-16E HBA card. This setup has been running fine for a few years. I finally decided to replace the LSI card with an HP H221 so I can get proper fan control back, but it refuses to POST with the Netapp shelf connected, just sits at "Initializing..." forever. When I disconnect the shelf, it boots fine. Nothing shows up in the iLO log either. I already tried updating the card's firmware to the latest version, but it didn't make a difference. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks,
  2. Which server do you have? Most semi-modern HP machines have their iLO remote management card built in.
  3. I have a HP DL380p G8 that I use for virtualization and I’d like to upgrade the CPUs to something with more cores. I currently have two E5-2643v1 installed. It looks like the best option on the official approved hardware list is a E5-2690v2. Does anyone know if this supports anything better?
  4. I'd love the new Blade 14. Maybe make my own wet laptop video....
  5. That would be perfect for a bunch of things.
  6. I need a new headset. The dog ate my old one.