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    Music (mostly rap, but also rock and EDM)
    Netflix, Anime
    Drawing (I'm not amazing, but I'm trying to get better)
    Soccer (again I'm not amazing, I just think it's fun)
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  1. EmotionalSloth

    The worst songs of pop culture

    I love all of those songs except the selfie one haha
  2. EmotionalSloth

    Wiz Khalifa Fans?

    "Oh someone likes a genre that I dont like, he must be uneducated."
  3. EmotionalSloth

    Advanced Warfare isnt starting

    Validating fixed it, thanks man
  4. EmotionalSloth

    Advanced Warfare isnt starting

    GTX 550 ti i7 2600k 3.4ghz
  5. EmotionalSloth

    Advanced Warfare isnt starting

    So I finally finished downloading multiplayer, now when i click on it it says "Performing first time setup" then the window just disappears and the game doesnt start. What should I do?
  6. EmotionalSloth

    Favorite genre of music

    Rap mainly, Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, Lil Bibby, Young Thug, that type of stuff
  7. EmotionalSloth


  8. EmotionalSloth

    So what's a good MP3 player?

    off topic but ur profile pic just fucked my mind lmao
  9. EmotionalSloth

    So what's a good MP3 player?

    iPod nano or touch
  10. EmotionalSloth

    What music do you listen to ?

    Mostly rap, also some EDM and rock
  11. EmotionalSloth

    adblock users are questionable

    I don't give a fuck, adblock4lyf
  12. EmotionalSloth

    What brand of tobacco you smoke?

    Black Devil, cos it doesnt make me smell like shit lol
  13. EmotionalSloth

    Heaven Society - Week 15 Anime Poll

  14. EmotionalSloth

    Is CSGO ruining me as a gamer? Should I dedicate to it?

    1st thing you should do is play with me
  15. I feel like I am slowly losing my interest in tech... Lately im really not in the mood to be at my pc, most of my free time is spent out with friends or listening to music. I'm not even on the forums that much anymore :/