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    Fastest 1150 CPU On LTT (For now)
  • Birthday 2001-05-16

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    Somewhere thats -52C
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    HWBOT Overclocker


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    i7 4770K
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    Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB Black + 4GB Ripjaws + 6GB G.Skill Pi @ 2400 MHz
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    GTX 780 Ti Lightning + GTX 980 HOF
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    SOC Force Box ;)
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    Barracuda 2TB + 250 GB 850 EVO + Fujitsu 160GB
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    SuperFlower Leadex Platinum 1200W
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    LT24M3 1080P
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    H110 + Asetek Vapohchill XE II + H110i GTX
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    Trust Classicline
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    Logitech G502
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    Audio Technica ATH-TAD300
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    Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
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  1. In your BIOS You most likely have your drive set to be hotswap enabled, go into your BIOS And disable it, or don't since it doesn't really effect anything except being able to remove the drive while it's running.
  2. TheGamingBarrel

    The best laptop is the best laptop.

    Yes, these laptops are usually cheaper than the rest because you can buy them CHEAP second hand. So, the first one is a 7700HQ, a modern CPU that is used in a fair few laptops, while lower powered than it's desktop counterpart, it is still a 4 Core 8 Thread monster of a laptop CPU, the second one is a 3940XM, which you can place into a Thinkpad T430 with a GPU, use the extended 9 Cell battery which gives you the portability options and longer battery life and still costs less than $500.
  3. TheGamingBarrel

    The best laptop is the best laptop.

    So, what if I could tell you that you could have a high power GPU, CPU, up to 64GB of RAM In a laptop, a better trackpad and keyboard than any other laptop on the market, while remaining portable and still having good battery life?
  4. TheGamingBarrel

    The best laptop is the best laptop.

    So, when I need the GPU Power on the go, mass storage + high speed storage for my OS and multi-tasking performance I just shouldn't get a laptop and get a massive UPS and lug my desktop around? Yeah, no.
  5. There is a QHD and FHD Mod avaliable for the X220 and X230. https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/5pxb0q/the_state_of_fhdscreen_mod_for_x220x230_please/
  6. TheGamingBarrel

    Ryzen 1700 at 3.9 with abnormal temps..?

    Ryzen Master will most likely read your Core VID, not your vCore. 67C Is perfectly fine on Ryzen adn you have nothing to worry about, especially on air.
  7. TheGamingBarrel

    Can i overclock on H81-Gamer motherboard ?

    Nope. Incorrect, to a certain extent, on LGA 1150 almost all motherboards can overclock, H81, B85 etc, meanwhile on Skylake and Z170 you can overclock the Non-K CPUs, but in OP's case you cannot overclock.
  8. TheGamingBarrel

    Cascade 24/7

    Having ran a single stage for nearly a month "without issues" You NEED to have insulation inside the CPU Socket, my personal choice is dielectric grease / vaseline, I found that after all of that that the CPU Socket had actually rusted, as MSI Were using cheaper sockets that corroded from the water, however eventually the board lost 2 RAM Slots due to the water, make sure to insulate everything as much as you can.
  9. TheGamingBarrel

    RAID config or two 1tb and one 2tb.

    Yes, this is RAID 10, you will be performing this inside of your BIOS / RAID Controller, it is independent of OS Unless you wish to do software RAID ( Which for most people I cannot recommend )
  10. TheGamingBarrel

    CPU Cooler Theory vs Reality

    With a decent motherboard, you can read the voltage to the CPU Directly, not using software, you *should* be able to get a rough idea of power draw then.
  11. TheGamingBarrel

    Am4 retention bracket for KÜHLER H2O 620

    You need to use a permalink, not the URL From the page when using PCPartPicker.
  12. TheGamingBarrel

    i3 accepts ddr3 can i keep ddr4?

    What? Almost all LGA 1151 Boards are DDR4, the IMC Is capable of handling DDR3 and DDR4, however ,it is board dependant.
  13. What distrobution are you using?
  14. TheGamingBarrel

    S8 question

    Even a phone such as the Nexus 5 Can do facial recognition properly, you won't have any worries.