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  1. I suspect it is the same issue, but the asker/answerer described it in a different way. Their problem wasn't that the function keys didn't work, just like yours isn't, but that the function keys for brightness didn't adjust the screen's brightness, just like yours aren't. Alternatively you can try this, but try the other solution first. It's a significantly more elegant solution if it solves your problem. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1045624/how-to-switch-between-options-in-sys-class-backlight-to-solve-brightness-prob/1045763#1045763
  2. You can try these changes. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1049681/ubuntu-18-04-cannot-change-display-brightness-or-wake-from-sleep-on-asus-rog-lap
  3. You can do a basic test of this by attaching your PSU and power switch to the motherboard and attempting to turn it on without a CPU. It should have some lights turn on. If nothing does yeah you probably gave a motherboard problem.
  4. Try putting the lever down and back up a few times. If that doesn't work, try gently pushing the socket back farther in the direction it moves when you open the lever. If that doesn't work you can try gently prying from a corner with your fingernail. If that doesn't work ???????.
  5. Everyone seems to think their news is important enough that giants like Facebook or Google will pay up, only to swiftly realize that no, they aren't that important. Maybe the USA could pull this off and come out with more than a half dozen news sites still standing, but even then I bet it would be a close thing. I don't even understand who is against the snippets this type of legislation tries to get rid of. I've never found a news article and not read it because I got everything out of it from the two lines under the link on Google.
  6. Whoopsie double post. <-- Look at this fool that clicked reply instead of edit.
  7. Huh, looks like it's available for AMD GPUs 200 series and later, and for Nvidia RTX and GTX 16 series cards. I didn't know that had changed since I'm still running an unsupported GPU that needs it to be implemented in the game.
  8. For what it's worth, that "Which DOS is best DOS?" video idea Linus mentioned sounds great.
  9. Pixel perfect upscaling is only a thing when game devs add support for it, much to my chagrin both AMD and Nvidia don't support native nearest neighbor scaling. Luckily screens have basically reached the point where more resolution doesn't matter and GPUs are starting to be able to run those resolutions, so this will probably only be an issue for another 5-10 years.
  10. I've gotten plenty of use out of my 144 Hz screen, even in non-FPS titles. 240 and 360 screens are definitely wannabe-pro-gamer-bait imo, but high refresh rate in general isn't.
  11. Yeah that's normal. Flipping the PSU switch connects a 120 or 240V circuit and the PSU capacitors are trying to draw a lot of current. I'm sure you've seen the same thing when plugging other devices in, where it will spark as the plug prongs make contact with the socket.
  12. High refresh rate still isn't available for a reasonable price at 4K, and I'd say the jump from 60 to 144/240 Hz makes a much larger difference than the one from 1440p to 4K. Granted if you're buying a 3090 the price argument is much less compelling.
  13. Last I remember it was a writer, Jon, but having one person with minimal infrastructure needs work remotely is an entirely different beast to creating a second location.
  14. Yes, your water heater is grounded.
  15. Transitioning a business to multiple locations is a massive undertaking, and exponentially more so if the second location is international. This wouldn't be nearly as simple as you seem to think.
  16. In a normal Google Form nothing gets recorded until the form is submitted, however G Suite addons might be able to record actions or accesses.
  17. There's plenty of legitimate uses for disk cloning, consider someone with lots of games and a data cap, and if done properly it will work fine. I cloned my drive when upgrading to an SSD and didn't hit problems like this. The issue is very few guides describe the pitfalls like this one.
  18. You can't extend the main partition with Disk Management in that state. Disk management will only allow you to extend partitions if there's unallocated space to the right, and the recovery partition is blocking the main partition.
  19. You can extend the C drive from where you are, but you'll need to use other software to do it. First put GParted Live on a USB drive, boot into that drive, then you'll be able to delete the D partition you made, move the recovery partition to the end of the disk, and extend the C partition to fill the drive. Other softwares are available, but I'm fairly sure they won't be free like GParted.
  20. What's up with your links? Redirecting through GeoRiot/Geniuslink to Tom's Hardware Amazon affiliate links? As for the actual question, I'd say avoid long velcro cable sleeves. Long hook and loop strips are an absolute pain in the neck to use.
  21. An interesting and expensive feature you tell yourself you're going to use, but won't after day four. Then two to six months later you'll remember you paid for that feature and use it once before forgetting about it because it's so inconvenient. Repeat ad nauseum.
  22. This is the expected behavior, each of the letters is for an individual memory channel, and each channel can have two sticks of RAM. The reason you are supposed to pair sticks in separate lettered slots like the manual suggests is because they aren't linked, so they can be addressed separately by the CPU.
  23. I just have my phone on vibrate nearly all the time, so I'd never hear a custom ringtone even if I did have one.
  24. Nope. Razer Deathadders have a rubber grip pad where the thumb rests. The answer is to stick it back on with strong double sided tape or glue. Personally I'd suggest double sided tape.