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  1. ASUS AREZ is shitty name. Its been dug up from the pits on branding hell to appease its customers and AMD. I personally wouldn't be anything from ASUS with a name like that
  2. Let me make sure I understand this correctly. Asus pulls some new BS naming scheme out of there ass, that no one has of heard before. While nvida takes a well known and respected ROG branding. And you think this does not affect AMD. I never said or implied that Asus were no longer going to sell AMD gpus. I'm talking about the "ASUS ROG brand". Which will be an nvida exclusive ROG branded gpus Please enlighten me.
  3. Asus, MSI and Gigabyte are trying to hurt AMD's bottom-line. Its a calculated decision by these companies to provide exclusive branding for Nvida. AMD has very few options here. Whether they have a competitive gpus or not. AMD cant sit idly by and not punish these companies.
  4. I believe AMD is going about this in the wrong way. Due to AMD ryzen popularity I would start phasing out companies like MSI, Asus, and gigabyte from selling their motherboards for ryzen cpus. This would hurt these companies the most and start allowing sapphire and XFX to make motherboards for amd ryzen cpus.
  5. Its of my opinion that gaming is being destroyed by these types of transactions. PUBG is a broken and incomplete game, yet they use resources to sell MTX. Because of MTX I have not played any online multi-player games since 2010. Gaming companies don't want me as a player. They only players that are open to purchasing MTX.
  6. I'm no gaming radical or gaming purest. I've been gamer since the Atari 2600 and remember the gaming crash of 1983. I believe in progress not regression and nothing in the past few years has me enthusiastic about the direction of games. The witcher 3 is an awesome game. However I didnt pay full retail for it and have yet to play it to completion. I enjoy fallout 4 as well, but it was a buggy mess on release. Why would I pay full retail. Original Sin pace is to slow for my liking. Not saying these are not good games. They just dont excite me as a gamer. My last FPS was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and I was so pissed at that game I deleted it from my steam account. I wasted 60 bucks on that POS and it changed my buying habits. I want innovation in games not throw back to 8 bit graphics. I dont want the usually rinse and repeat of the current game cycle. I want games with robust economies, meaningful crafting system that test ones knowledge, and gaming AI that changes the game environment based on decisions and game play. Not decision trees that are passed off game AI. I expect more and demand more if gaming publishers want my money. Not this low hanging fruit game design of today. If I get left behind so what, I wont be missing anything.
  7. Today's video games are best described as low hanging fruit. Oversimplified to appeal to the masses with an injection of loot boxes. Its disheartening to see the direction of video games and its been going on for a while. I'm not against publishers making money. However I am against publishers trying to milk me and other consumers for every red cent they can. CDPR Is a publisher i like based on their past business practices. However if this turn out to be true, I can no longer support CDPR with my money. I was looking forward to cyberpunk 2077. I will not condemn the company at this time, maybe cyberpunk will be a MMORPG. If the gaming industry does not improve soon. There will be no reason for me and others like my self to upgrade their computers. This in turn will hurt pc component sales. I'm only speaking for myself when say this. There has not been a game in the last 5 years worth paying full retail. Going forward I dont see any games worth paying full retail either. Therefore aging gamers like myself with more disposal income. Dont see the need to upgrade there computers or buy games at release. My friends and I are to aware of the direction of the industry. We are being slowly pushed out. Games have become to simple and unchallenging.
  8. There's a sucker born every minute and EA preys upon those suckers. They deserves one another. There where several post on youtube prasing EA for reducing hero cost.
  9. I feel the game wont be as popular among the core gamers. They feel burnt and wont purchase the game. Microtransactions has gotten such a bad rap recently it will put people off. I have not brought a game from EA in years and wont be buying any games from them anytime soon.
  10. Battlefront 2 has become so unpopular CNBC has a article about it. Sending a death threat is unwarranted tho. People need to stop the death threats and not be so salty. You dont like it, dont buy it. The gaming industry really sucks right now. I dont see any correct anytime soon.
  11. I dont think I have played any games from taketwo or rockstar in my 20 years of gaming. I always wanted to play red redemption but since its only on console. I wont play it. Each year the Triple A gaming companies has alienated me more and more. I have not owned a console since the gamcube and I dont feel like i'm missing anything. Gaming companies ignore gamers like myself, who have more disposal income. I'm always willing to buy more gamers in a calendar year. However the shyte they produce today only reaffirms why I shouldnt give them my money. If a game has microtranastions I dont buy it. If a game has DLC wait a year or two and buy the games with all its content for less than half of the retail cost.
  12. I'm also looking for a decent MMO to play. I myself dont like oversimplified MMO's and looking for something challenging like SWG or EVE online. Must have a very robust crafting system, economy, and story. I would prefer a mmo with no loot box system of any-kind or the selling of cosmetic items.
  13. Let's be honest, this has been going on for sometime. Other game developers have implemented this with other online competitive multiplayer games. Activision was just dumb or smart enough to patent it. Activision is the only company caught with its hand in the cookie jar. Gaming as a whole is on a downward spiral. Hopefully, this will be the start of a gaming recession.
  14. If it wasn't a recertified video card. There really wouldn't be an issue. However I dont know what caused the 1080ti to fail and I dont want to stuck with a brick after the warranty has ended.
  15. My AMD fury-x video card pumped failed and because of the lawsuit between asetek and cooler master. They are no longer making the fury-x anymore. I was offered an asus strix fury, but declined the card because it was an apples to apples replacement. I was then offered a 1080 TI strix recertified. This is a much better card than the fury x. However I have asus freesync monitor and was thinking of selling the 1080ti for 500 to 600 and buying the new amd vega 64 watercooled. I prefer water cooled gpu and cpu in my computer build. Here are my options sell the recertified video card and buy the new vega 64 water cooled. Keep the 1080ti put on a water blocked and it to my custom loop. Sell my asus freesync monitor and buy a new one. I will not buy a gsync monitor. Buy vega 64 blower style and add a water block. What do you think.