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    Where is the fun in telling strangers that?
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    A lurker interested in technology and learning things about it. I am by no means an expert. Sometimes I'll speak up if something piques my interest, but otherwise I prefer to simply observe.
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    Ghost in a machine


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  1. I am steadily becoming overwhelmed with all sorts of projects! Individuals are showing a monetary interest in what I believe are my relatively meager work on static graphics for their social media needs. Others are requesting I monitor groups and pages for them. Of course, most importantly people are seeking me for help in background checks. There is so much going on I am seeing less time for myself. Never mind my actual occupation. Combine these things together and my being is slowly fading into the background. Sometimes I wonder if I should seek help in running things. 

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    2. Lycoris


      Yes, it is pretty common. I just fear the part about being overwhelmed like I'm becoming. I haven't had a 'bored' week in a few months. 

    3. ARikozuM


      So you're an anime protagonist? To be continued...

    4. Windows7ge


      You'll have to prioritize which tasks/projects need to get done sooner over others. Adding help gets costly. Depending on what you get paid the help may not prove profitable.

  2. I believe I am outgrowing my camera's lens. This can tend to be an expensive hobby. To make matters worse, my phone's camera is not up to par, neither of which I can currently afford to remedy. Though, I will impart this word of advice for budding photographers which is learn to use the equipment you have before moving up, otherwise you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed with gadgetry that could end up getting more action from dust collecting than actual use. You will know when it's time to change.  

  3. Lycoris

    Internet Business Pages

    To add to Lurick's comment, report the comments as having a conflict of interest. People are not permitted to advertise other businesses in their reviews.
  4. So much on my mind yet so little to say. 

  5. Hope everyone had/is having an awesome holiday season! I think I'll need another memory card after tomorrow with my new camera. 

  6. I hear you on not having enough time due to work. You would think working from home could afford me more time, but it's no different. Alas, without a job the lights wouldn't stay on in order to get the bit of gameplay I can in. It honestly feels like I either have to choose to adult more and sleep when I am not clocked in or sacrifice such just to get some game time. The games I usually play when I can (and whatever strikes my fancy) are .hack//G.U Last Recode, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Neverwinter, Skyforge, Dragon Age 1-3, Witcher 3, Ark, and some others. Though, the game that seems to make up the bulk of that is Neverwinter with Skyforge close behind. Luckily when it comes to those, I'm spoiled by my guildmates, lol.
  7. The only reason I even bought a Switch was to play BotW. I personally love the feel of the Switch but I hate the battery life and position of the charge port. With such a limited battery, you don't get much actual gameplay time unless you play while it's on the charger (or docked). Since it has to be plugged in at the bottom, playing in mobile format can be a real nuisance. The vents tend to also be blocked far too easily and aren't, at least in my opinion, efficient enough for prolonged cooling thus resulting in some heating issues. Also, if you're like me and impatiently snatched up the console (and BotW) launch night, you might still have the original dock. The problem with this is there have been many reports on the piece being bent to the point the Switch gets scratched when docking, though Nintendo did issue replacement docks which can now be purchased in stores like Walmart. On that note, the aforementioned heating issues (and I suspect poor quality of materials since it's plastic) contribute to warping of the console itself. Speaking of damages, do not use stickers on the device unless you don't intend to take them off. The material they are made of actually "scars" the surface of the Switch. Off-topic: My Sheikah slate case is smexy.