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    Sennheiser U320
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  1. That's good news, but only if NBN Co can fix the congestion problems which happen at peak times. I get 70-80 Mbps and 30 ms ping during off peak times, but it slows right down to <10 Mbps and 200 ping during busy times. This is with an FTTN connection though.
  2. A faint "Activate Windows 10" watermark will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen after a little while.
  3. I remember him saying a while ago his name came from a combination of 'barnacle' and 'Hercules', so it is pronounced like Hercules.
  4. Yep, Alicia Quirk from my home town is coming back with a gold medal from the women's Rugby 7's. Great team
  5. It should be noted that new release titles will continue to be DX11 and DX12 games for some time now. If developers ditch DX11 completely they will be abandoning all of their non-Windows 10 customers. The best course of action is to use Vulkan, but I don't foresee many devs using it.
  6. This is basically the perfect phone. All the best features of other popular flagships, but with a bigger battery and better sound, and a lower price.
  7. Logitech G710+ keyboard Logitech G602 mouse Sennheiser U320 headset Razer Goliathus mousepad Thanks LMG & Feenix for this totally rad giveaway!
  8. <insert sob story here> ...so that's why I deserve to win!
  9. They will be almost exactly the same in terms of cooling. You should pick whichever one fits your budget and looks the best to you.
  10. So did you uninstall Origin? The folder should be present if Origin is installed onto the system. If it's not appearing properly now, it should be uninstalled completely and reinstalled. Then the OriginGames folder can be used with the Origin client.
  11. In that case, you can just put the OriginGames folder anywhere on the HDD, then with your freshly installed Origin client go to Application Settings > Advanced and choose the location Origin should launch games from.
  12. I've moved my BF4 installation between drives several times before. The way I've always done it is to have a fresh install of Origin (don't just move the Origin folder from one drive to another), and then move the Origin Games folder containing BF4 into ProgramFiles x86. Open Origin and launch BF4, it will then check all the files for the game, then you can play.
  13. How about a key switch like a car ignition? Just keep the key inserted or nearby. Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Key-Switch-with-2-Keys/dp/B0002BA3PE Keep in mind that when using it, the key should be turned to the on position and then returned back to the off position, otherwise the motherboard will think you are holding the button (which will turn off the system after 5 seconds).
  14. Polaris 10 is the high performance Polaris chip, rumoured to feature 8GB of GDDR5X as HBM is limited to 4GB. Polaris 11 is the smaller chip which was featured in the SWBF demo against the GTX 950 and had roughly 2x perf/watt compared to Maxwell. Polaris 10 & 11 will both feature technologies like HDR and Async compute. The architecture change and shrink from 28nm to 14nm will bring ~2.5x perf/watt compared to Fiji. Vega 10 is the big chip coming in 2017 and featuring HBM2. It is likely a refined Polaris architecture - something akin to a Titan-class card. GDDR5 for mainstream. GDDR5X or maybe HBM for high end. HBM2 for the Vega 10 flagship class. HBM2 (2x HBM speed) > HBM & GDDR5X (>2x GDDR5 speed). One advantage of GDDR5X is that it is very similar to GDDR5 in design. The Titan-class Pascal card will have HBM2, the high end (GTX 1080/1070/1060) will have GDDR5X, the mainstream will have GDDR5. Not a tangible difference. 14nm is the process of Samsung/GlobalFoundries, 16nm by TSMC. Expect a 2x performance increase with slightly lower power requirements. Keep in mind a lot of this info is based on rumour, but the prospect of a completely new GPU lineup from AMD is exciting, as is the new memory technology and stuff like GPUopen, Vulkan, HDR, Async and VR.