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  1. weird behaviour after windows update

    I have this problem too. Usually have to wait a bit or fix network connection... I updated drivers. Or maybe it's the fault of your web browser - I had this problem in Opera - had to wait some time before I could start to use it. But then I turned off the synchronization and it helped.
  2. Need hulu/netflix shows to watch

    If you like Breaking Bad, you should check the spin-off called "Better Call Saul". I'ts really good.
  3. PC Speakers (€100-€150)

    Sounds interesting, but I think I'd rather buy something else.
  4. PC Speakers (€100-€150)

    Yeah, that's pretty cool.
  5. PC Speakers (€100-€150)

    Yeah, I read some good things about Edifier speakers. Logitech look so ugly in comparison.
  6. PC Speakers (€100-€150)

    I've used some €25 2.1 speakers for years and they were good enough. I'm not an audiophile, I don't know if I could hear much differece... I just thought that I could buy something better this time if it's worth it
  7. PC Speakers (€100-€150)

    I'm looking for good speakers for my PC for about €100- €150. More for music than gaming. I listen to different kinds of music so I'd like something universal. But I like bass. I thought about something in 2.1, but I heard that it may be better to just buy good 2.0 so I'm open to suggestions.
  8. how to add audio to this monitor

    Well, I have lenovo l24q-10 and it has audio out jack.
  9. My PC works well with RAM overclocked to 2800Mhz, but sometimes it won't start... If it starts it works. Why is that?

    1. Mr.Meerkat


      It just means that its not an 100% stable overclock. Maybe try increasing the voltage a tad? Anything up to 1.45V is safe. 

  10. Plex Streaming Stutter

    Maybe try different app. I don't know... I couldn't get Plex to work in 720p, but when I tried to stream from... ekhm... Torrent app to my Xbox One it worked very well. I think Plex sucks, but I may be wrong.
  11. Doctor Who Tardis PC case

    This is cool. Now she can travel properly through time and space via internet.
  12. I got 2400mhz ram from ADATA. How much could I OC it? I know it works on 2800mhz, but can it go higher? I don't know anything about ram overclocking... Ryzen 3 1200, asus ab350m-hdv, be quiet! pure power 10 400w.

    1. PCGuy_5960


      @done12many2 and @MageTank may be able to help you. 

  13. It depends on $$$. I've ordered a PC last week, they build it for me for about $0.25. Even yesterday they called me to say sorry for slightly slower shipping and said that they overclocked my ram because of the delay. So I think it was a good deal.
  14. If want 1000 bucks... EVGA Wants Your Old GeForce4 ACS and ACS2 Video Cards https://www.evga.com/articles/01177/evga-christmas-miracle/

  15. Ryzen 3 1200 + GTX 1050 Ti

    Well, at least it's pretty good value for the money.