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    Ph.D. in Material Science
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    Former researcher at Toyota's Li Ion battery Research division.


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    Intel Core i7 5820K
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    Asus X99A
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 32 GB
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    2x Asus 980 Ti Reference model
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    Caselabs M8A
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    Samsung 951 m.2 SSD 250 gb
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    Corsair HX860i
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    XSPC watercooling parts
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    Some old Razr keyboard
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    Logitec G500
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    Logitech Z5500
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    Win 10

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  1. You can thank comcast verizon and other #$%% providers for that if you are in the States.
  2. I think the 700TB figure is just based on the number of nanoparticles that can fit on the area of the disk. Realistically it will be much lower. I am also a huge fan of the MO disk. Hands down, no media is more robust or has a longer retention time than MDs.
  3. Part of the problem is that the laser is inducing stimulated emission in those nanoparticles. This is different than CDs where the laser is reflected off the surface of the disk. Stimulated emission is not 100% efficient, i.e. light energy into the nanoparticle != light energy out so there will be heat which can wear out the disk. Also non reflected light is scattered, so much more complex lenses will be needed. Otherwise the laser needed to read data probably this way will have to be very powerful.
  4. Sorry maybe my instructions weren't clear. Hiberboot is when you shut down the PC, the system saves some configuration from your memory onto your SSD. This makes the computer start up much faster the next time you turn it on. This is usually enabled by default for windows. Rebooting or resetting the PC never saves any configuration information from your memory to your ssd. Resetting will erase all DRAM and start your system up from scratch. Usually I think disable hiberboot for shutdown is better.
  5. So you turn on PC, see messed up screen, reset PC, boots up normally. Does this messed up screen show up consistently, and you have to fix it every time by resetting? If so at a glance it seems like some hardware issue with hiberboot. You can pull out all non crucial hardware (including USB devices) and see if the situation improves and that would confirm the hardware/hiberboot issue. In my opinion hiberboot is trash and shouldn't be used. Cold start from shutdown all the time for me.
  6. Honestly I don't even know why they got in the NAND business to begin with. My guess was that they wanted to flip Micron Technologies a middle finger for divorcing them. Unfortunately I don't think intel has good enough expertise on the memory cell design which was Micron's expertise. Intel continued to make the more problematic Floating gate type NAND while everyone else including Micron moved onto charge trap type.
  7. WS x299 SAGE seems to support 48 lanes. GPUs aren't heavy pci lane users if they have a lot of VRAM so the 8x 16x difference may be insignificant.
  8. CAS Latency has units of clock cycles. 3200 DDR MHz is 1600 MHz. So a clock cycle is 0.625 nanoseconds or 1/1600 MHz. Then if the CL is 14, that means a latency of 14 x 0.625 ns or 8.75 ns.
  9. I have a google spreadsheet I like to share with anyone with the link. The link is pretty secure right? There is no way they can edit the link to access another file in the same folder as the google spreadsheet right? At a glance to me, it appears no but just want to make sure. Sorry I am still new to this. Thanks y'all.
  10. Well in that case I'd go all out custom loop with monster HDMI/displayport and Audioquest Lan cables.
  11. And he needs a wifi card on a motherboard that already has it.
  12. ECC will work in a non ECC board but what you cannot use is registered or buffered memory. A lot of ECC memory is buffered/registered so you have to check for that. In case it wasn't obvious, the ECC feature will be disabled when used in a non ECC board.
  13. Without any special software, copy and paste a useless file until the entire drive is filled.
  14. The ground on the negative terminal of the battery and at the end of R2 causes the R3 to be bypassed.
  15. Not I agree here. It doesn't sound a whole lot worse than Apple making software that only works on iOS or their own hardware