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  1. Hey fam, I rarely look for a group of people to play a game with, think the last time I did was for Star Citizen (go UOLTT...), but anyway I've started playing an FPS called insurgency and I freaking love it. Anyone wanna be commander to my recon or vice versa to get those artillery calls going?
  2. I'll let ya know in about a week! Also I'll edit a google docs link in I'm actually not sure on that and I may change it come to think of it. I used citationmachine.net to create the citation
  3. I've been a fan a long time but I never thought I'd have this opportunity lol! I did it mostly for the luls and because my professor is a nerd who will probably get a kick out of it. It's for a grade, not an academic journal, but still I thought it was funny. Also it was just weird to me that I happened to be researching net neutrality all day and then in the middle of the WAN show the guys are talking about the thing I was reading about all day? Edit: link to entire paper. Don't judge too harshly I put about a B effort into it lol https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Nf1JHEJsnv8ZAR3mEzd8Ts1NqXOjQok/view?usp=sharing
  4. Been runnin this baby on my 8350 since 2013 and I still get 120+ fps in CS:GO so what the hell. Anyway like the title says the led works sometimes but mostly doesn't. How long can I run this thing? Actually on a possibly related note- my corsair void pro rgbs don't rgb. I don't care much cause I can't see them but hey, I did pay for it...
  5. Derkoli thanks for the suggestions! I'm actually looking into grabbing a really good dac because I wanna spend about $150 on some new cans for music as well. No Idea which headphones I'm going with yet but they've gotta be over the ear and be great at bass so probably closed back but not a requirement. Have any suggestions based upon this change of plans? Edit: I just saw the Audio board's suggestion section *facepalm* lol I'll do some readin there
  6. You weren't kidding lol! Thanks for the suggestion I'll definitely keep those in mind. I mean Sound is really subjective and I have been punishing my ears with this old logitech 7.1 of which I have been using 3.1 for a long time. When I hear good speakers though I wanna cry lol It kinda makes me think you get what you pay for.
  7. I've had my eye on the Klipsch pro media 2.1 speaker system for a while as I used to work at Best Buy and stocked them every week. I went to purchase one at my local Best Buy today to discover that the Pro Media 2.1 has been discontinued? It's probable that someone here has a better suggestion anyway. Uses: Music, Gaming. Music quality is important because I use Music Therapy (The music just has to sound beautiful basically). They don't need to be overpowering just sound good. Music Genres: Mostly EDM, but acoustic, speed metal, classical, house, this and that... you know. Space to be used in: Not really relevant because I move a lot but right now a dorm. Probably moving to a house soon. It will be connected to the PC in my signature. I've been noticing some static coming from devices plugged into the 3.5mm jacks though and I may need a sound board upgrade which I'm open to. I need a new rig in general but we are doing sound right now. I need music! Thank you so much for reading this much and for your suggestions. Have a good day!
  8. Gotcha thanks. Sometimes I wonder how I ever built this thing lol oh yeah. with LTT videos.<3
  9. hmm. I'll have to do some reading on hardware acceleration. Didn't know chrome could use the gpu. I've actually never done this but If I uninstall the audio driver will it be available to download again right there in device manager?
  10. I wish it were that simple but It happens with one chrome tab watching youtube and I have an fx 8350 with an h100i on the sucker lol
  11. Title pretty well sums it up. When the issue occurs it lasts about 5 minutes where every 5 seconds it sounds like a robotic glitch.This happens every hour or every couple hours and I have primarily experienced it in Chrome and Spotify I have an old cheap logitech 5.1 plugged into the 3.5mm on the back of the motherboard (Sabertooth 990fx R2.0). Same issue occurs with headphones in that jack as well as with my wireless corsair void pros. Different programs, Different methods of interface. Figure THAT one out lol Edit- The only common Item in the audio chain is the audio components on the motherboard itself. Should I buy an audio card? eeek.
  12. That's why I consult the experts when it comes to lubricant my guy ?
  13. Wow I had no Idea lol Thanks I'll see if I can get it swapped out!
  14. I suppose a computer repair shop might do it. Didn't even think about that lol
  15. Good morning everyone, I'm having an issue with my Corsair HX850 semi modular power supply. Whenever the fan turns on it sounds like my computer is "shoosh"ing me. It's like nails on a chalkboard unless I have headphones on. I got the thing in 2014 and is out of warranty. I'd love to just squirt some WD-40 in the fan bearing but from what I understand taking apart PSUs can be very dangerous. I'm about to just flip the psu so the fan grill is facing inside the case and lay a 140mm fan over it. It might keep the psu fan from spinning ever, and would be quieter. Thoughts? I have the corsair individually sleeved cable kit too so it's extra lame if I have to replace it. Edit- Turns out these babies have a 7 year warranty. In the rma process now. Also they suggested pushing down on the fan hub through the grill to snap it back into place. It didn't work for me, but that is an option.
  16. I've had a h100i on my FX8350 since early 2014 and it is still going strong. The other day I had an overheat shutdown but as soon as I moved my PC to a location with better airflow and re applied thermal compound it is fine. Idle temps around 35-40c and load from 50-60c. These are a bit higher than when I first installed it though.
  17. Oh ok. I seem to remember that H100i getting it a lot closer to ambient at Idle, but glad to have some assurance.
  18. I recently went on vacation for Christmas, came back and fired up the gaming PC. After about an hour of gaming it shut down from CPU temp limit as reported by the BIOS. I replaced the thermal compound on the H100i and cleaned out the fans/ radiator fins and got back to gaming. Now it maxes out at 60c while gaming and hovers around 40c at idle. This doesn't seem right. Any ideas as to what is going on in there? Corsair Link reports a constant pump speed of 2234. Fans are controlled by seperate controller. FX 8350 Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0 4x4GB Ballistics Tactical Tracer Samsung 500 GB SSD Corsair HX850 GTX 780 Corsair H100i
  19. OH MY GOD THAT WAS IT! THANK YOU!!!!!! I was certain my poor retinas were destined to endure the blazing white light of youtube's background forever lol
  20. You're right. They are actually reflecting the frustration of my existential angst but that is another topic.
  21. lol sigh. the electronics hate me right now.
  22. Hey so I just re installed windows (again) because updates killed my pc somehow. Now for some reason I have basically no menu options on Youtube such as the Dark theme. Anybody else not see that option anymore or is it just me?
  23. windows is installing! thanks again! edit: didn't need chrome extension
  24. I'll try Rufus with ISO next thanks. I got windows installed but it booted to 'other user' which I can't get around. It seems if I perform a clean install that won't be an issue, I'm just not sure where my process is getting screwed up. Edit: Was able to change ua and download iso. Thanks for the tip I didn't know that was possible.
  25. Yes I am following these steps exactly. Gonna try rufus next