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  1. Like the title, having lots of trouble finding usbc switches, for sharing between two devices. At least having trouble finding ones that cost a arm and leg. Usage is for switching between my host and guest machine without needing multiple keyboards, mouse etc
  2. Relevant info: Mobo: tomohawk b350 Main gpu: gtx 1080 Secondary gpus: gtx550, gt610 (have tried both) The issue: I am trying to use my gpus for pci Passthrough, but I cannot get either of the secondary gpus to output a signal. This happens even when booting with one of the secondary cards alone. (Removing the primary) I do see the cards in Linux and they seem to
  3. Last night i noticed memory compression was using 65% of my cpu. In response i disabled memory compression and saw my idle usage go from 65>20 Is there any drawbacks i have not yet noticed?
  4. I really like the h500 from nzxt https://www.nzxt.com/products/h500-matte-white or any of the H series tbh.
  5. there shouldnt be any adhesive on the mounts. It could just be crud from being on for so long. The 212 should have come with proper brakets. I doubt the old ones will fit since 212's mount weird. just remove everything from the watercooler, brackets, etc. Then use the 212 brackets. Make sure you clean the old thermal paste off the cpu.
  6. McMaster is fine for it. I use regularly.
  7. Please read the post before you comment something stupid. Im not asking for a AIO. Im asking if i should buy a kit, or price it out my self with a company like mccmaster carr.
  8. Should I get a water cooling kit or just buy the parts separately. Wanting some bang for my buk
  9. Personally I don't like dimming on my monitor.
  10. Is the internal header for usb3? or usb2?
  11. I'm willing to bet a reinstall would fix it Or you can try dism or sfc Example:
  12. I prettyfied my desktop and wanted to share it WSL running with xfce and win
  13. You can setup a shared folder or network drive with windows