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  1. Looks good to me, just not sure if the NH-D15 will fit in the case.
  2. Well you have optane ssds and optane memory The ssd is just like a regular ssd but more expensive and with better speeds and latency, not really worth it unless you really want that low latency. Optane memory is to speed up an hdd, so it stores the files you use frequently in it so they load from the optane instead of the hard drive making things faster.
  3. I was looking at the new gpus from both nvidea and amd and well there is still no stock of any of them on any store in my country but i guess that was expected as everyone wants them, but the bigger problem was that i noticed that there are basically no gpus being sold at all. Now that is the real problem if i wanted a brand new gpu with the best performance that i can buy right now my only option would be a 2070 super that is in stock in only one store and they only have one model available. That means there are no 3000 series i cant buy any 2080, 2080ti if i needed the perfo
  4. Hi, i know the DT 770 are closed headphones and the HD 599 are open, but i have to choose between the DT 770 PRO 80Ohm that is priced at 115 bucks and the HD 599 SE that is selling for 83 bucks. My question is if you had to buy one of them which one would you choose?
  5. I want to know your opinion about the game i havent played it yet because my internet sucks and im downloading it since friday and it says it will take more 20 hours till its done. I wanted to know if you think its worth to wait 3 days just to download the game. Really hoping its good it wasnt cheap and it takes so long to download on this garbage internet i heard about the crashes and performance issues but well we will ser how it goes.
  6. Done test complete with 0 errors
  7. I got them in December last year so i can exchange them.
  8. For now is looking good , looks like my Corsair kit is fucked i may try to see if the problem is only on one stick.
  9. Oh i mistyped its actually a Z370 board.
  10. It looks like the test was aborted due to errors. Just took a 16 gb kit from other PC i have to run the test again, lets see if my Dominator Platinum is fucked.
  11. Yeah im gonna let this end during the night i have other sticks of RAM too so i may try them if i see that this ones are bad. Tomorrow after work i will try that thanks for the help. Btw the BSOD are completely random there is no pattern at all, actually i dont think it has ever crashed during a game only when browsing the web, even when no one is using the computer it can crash.
  12. This is not good right only 1 hour in...
  13. There was one related to memory i think two of them where related to ntfs system one of them was something related to Windows itself there was one that was something about critical structure corruption, some occured when the computer is on others when the computer is turning on and sometimes they happen and other times everything works fine.
  14. Idk what the heck is happening but my PC went crazy, today alone it showed 6 blue screens all with diferentes errors the PC does not even turn off anymore or restart i have to press the button until it turns off. Idk what i should do to troubleshoot this but im gonna Run a memtest86 to see what it says. My specs are a ASUS Z370i mobo, i5 8600k, 16gb RAM Corsair Dominator platinum, ASUS strix GTX 1070ti. By the way none of the parts are overclocked, i was planning on it but didnt had time yet to actually overclock it, everything is at stock speeds. The P
  15. Hi i am trying to mod my 3d printer and i was thinking on using an atx PSU to power it. But im not in the mood to cut the wires of the psu so i would like to know if there is a pcb i can buy to connect the connectors for the psu and make it a single 12 volts rail. If there are none i will have to make one myself but i would like to know if someone knows of something. Thanks fo the help.