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    I'm just a kitchen hand at Pizza Hut
  1. ShadowLight18


    Dank giveaway i think I would prefer to have the Blade over the blade stealth as i do not really care so much about the weight difference but honestly i wouldnt mind either
  2. ShadowLight18

    Help me pick a phone?

    you see, i was thinking of getting an iphone. but unless its truly superior i dont think i will as too many people think that because i dont use apple that i absolutely hate them. if i show up with an apple, everyone will lose their shit and i will be asked the same question over and over again "omg i thought you hated apple. why the helld do you have an iphone?" lol. i wasnt too sold on the m7, it was decent, but it didnt amaze me. it also gets really warm when doing anything. its kinda distracting. also the m9 is like 1k whereas i could get a nexus 6 for less than 900, (yay australian prices) is it really though? (see above) is there an eta for the z4 yet? my m7 is pretty much on the way out. its having a really hard time charging. it takes me like 3 trys to get it to start charging, then it randomly says that it is drawing too much power for it to charge. (from the wall with different outlets and plugs and cables) then it stops charging sometimes. other times it wont charge unless its completely off. (yay phones)
  3. ShadowLight18

    Help me pick a phone?

    Hi there people, i haven't upgraded my phone for a few years. My HTC one m7 is pretty much dead, so i need a replacement for it quite soon. I have no idea what is currently on the market and would really like help from you guys. If you guys had to pick a new phone today, what would you pick and why? Im open to all matters of opinion as I'm not exactly brand loyal. Thanks to anyone who offers their opinion.
  4. ShadowLight18

    Teamspeak Server Hosts Australia

    Does anyone know a good cheap teamspeak server host in australia? (doesnt have to be teamspeak really) we are currently using 'gameservers' http://www.gameservers.com/ and we find that the server is too unreliable as it constantly drops out and lags even if we arent near the servers User cap. any recommendations from experience would be awesome ty in advance
  5. ShadowLight18

    Task Manager broke... what do?

    as often as i do that, there is also a 1 year old baby that likes to mash every button on my mouse and keyboard as fast as possible. it makes for an 'interesting' experience
  6. ShadowLight18

    Task Manager broke... what do?

    Thank you. its been like that for like 3 weeks and it was really starting to annoy.
  7. ShadowLight18

    Task Manager broke... what do?

    Soooo. um I'm not quite sure what to say other than. does anyone know why thats all task manager is giving me? i kinda want the rest of my task manager back... A baby may or may not have been involved if theres some sort of shortcut for this kind of evil.
  8. ShadowLight18

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    Resolution is just a number...
  9. ShadowLight18


    you say that there is possibly 2 up for grabs. but i only need one mate. (hehe) but on a serious note. i just love the fact that it is everything that make the M7 great, with improvements!. from the looks and sounds of things, they have definitely made a giant leap forward in what seems to be the last leg of the phone race.
  10. hey guys, (not sure if in the right place) just a quick question that if you can answer, that would be great, as i am trying to find the most cost effective config for a friend. i was just wondering if anyone knows what ram config is the best for a late 09 macbook unibody (the white one with the crappy rubber plastic thing on the bottom) i currently have a config that works. but is quite hard to find and can be costly. i currently have 8gb of 1333MHz ram running at 1.35v, i know that 1.5v 1333MHz doesnt work and i know that 1600MHz at 1.35 doesnt work. i was wondering if anyone knew if 1.5v 1067/1066MHz would work. or if any other configurations of 8gb works. Thanks in advance for any insight. (Tested Configs are preferred)
  11. ShadowLight18

    Felt like you were going to die?

    i was about 12-14 or something. i cant even remember how old i was. but i was in fiji and a coconut fell out of a tree and landed literally a metre in front of where i was standing. at the time i didnt even realise that that had the potential to kill me so it didnt even phase me at all. best part is the fact that my dad decided that i would be a good idea to throw it back into the tree to try and knock some more down. i think we ended up with like 5 coconuts in which no one in my family liked coconut milk. so i got to drink all of it :3
  12. ShadowLight18

    Do you think you're addicted?

    i am most definitely addicted. i love my computer and my computer hates me. on it every waking moment when im not at school or work or just out. and i extend my waking moments just to be online till i get yelled at 5 or 6 times by my parents at 2 in the morning on a school night. im not much of a gamer so much as an internet junkie. but i do love my league of legends to bits (even if im not the best in the world)
  13. ShadowLight18

    Problem with saving up...

    open a bank account and give the keycard to your parents.
  14. ShadowLight18

    best none sexual, physical feeling? [care to share?]

    adrenaline rushes. cracking my back (the feeling after) pure epic base drops taking the largest inhale of cool air after working in a hot environment for hours