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  1. IWannaBeUniqueMom

    Epic Games marking people buying too fast as fraudulent users

    @OP did you have to explain what a shopping cart is? Seriously? Fuck the epic store, only idiots keep it in their PC
  2. So I have this fan https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Sunon/PSD1209PLV2-AZGN?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduhR8ohNGOgWhtwbXcAST02e4J9e7xNPpeIcPCsY%2BKL7dA%3D%3D And I can't get it to work on my msi z390 motherboard The motherboard ports are fine but the fan is just not spinning at all I tried it on the Dell z77 motherboard and it worked fine What gives?
  3. A friend of mine is using a Zotac gtx 770 with dual fans When he presses the power button both fans spin but the one on the right stops after a second or so The pc is running fine but the problem is that his GPU reaches 95c and starts thermal throttling but there is only 1 fan spinning We replaced the GPU thermal paste and cleaned the fans but it didn't help as the gpu is still reaching Anyone got a clue on how to fix this?
  4. source: https://hexus.net/tech/news/cooling/130121-asus-starts-use-liquid-metal-compound-laptop-cpus/
  5. IWannaBeUniqueMom

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    No...just no
  6. IWannaBeUniqueMom

    Ryzen 3000 release date leak

  7. there's a lot of conditions that must be met to live with less than 20k in a year so don't go off saying "plenty of people" since you already said yourself that it depends on where you live
  8. So it's wrong to feel sympathy towards someone who has a shitty job and is using sex and weed to ease the stress?
  9. Since when is 30k enough ? Are you for real? The hell is wrong with you ppl...
  10. IWannaBeUniqueMom

    Titan RTX First Benchmarks (Unimpressive)

    You just had to reply and bump this old thread Jesus Chris people these days...
  11. Jesus Christ Where the **** did you get that BS from? Do you work at Nvidia? Do you have sources? Are you a data analysis? Are you a shareholder? Do you go to the board meetings of Nvidia? Are you spying on Nvidia? ARE YOU?
  12. IWannaBeUniqueMom

    (Rumor Mill) 2019 Consumer Roadmap Slides

    I can't see the pictures well enough to notice PCIE 4.0 Is there any upcoming Intel CPU with 4.0?