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  1. Volbet

    Free Speech and Censorship

    There's also the issue that arise when the government runs (or owns) a company that's otherwise privatly owned. For example, one the main power company in Denmark has the government as the main stock holder. Within the third tier there's also the whole debate on categorizing privatly held property as a public utility (think sanitation, water, power, roads, internet and other infrastructure). There a private individual's or company's property is owned by them, but policed by the government. For example, while the power company own the cables running to my house they can't deny selling me power no matter how much shit I talk about them. That's why a lot of people are advocating for categorizing large social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as public utilities, so that no one can be withheld from the service due to the views they express. Although, this would probably ruin their business model.
  2. Volbet

    Free Speech and Censorship

    Again, you put in an element of violence. Something I've in no way put into an argument. By this point you seem completely unveiling to engage in the argument as it is presented to you, and you instead decides to build a strawman. While I'm no expert on American corporate law and corporate governance, a publicly traded company is still privately owned. Twitter still exists as a corporate entity that is owned and governed by private individuals as opposed to the government. The main difference between a privately held and a publicly traded company is that a publicly traded company has to make their budget reports and financial statements available to the public, so as to ensure trading can be conducted with the proper information. The reason why Trump's Twitter profile is considered public is because presidential writings are considered a matter of public record (at least in non-sensitive cases). So Trump cannot ban people off of his Twitter, since that denies people their right to access public records.
  3. Volbet

    Free Speech and Censorship

    No, not at all. My example had nothing to do with violent speech nor assumptions of mental health. I'm talking of some that walks into a store and begins yelling insults at the other customers. While non of it are threats, it can still be seen as uncomfortable by the other customers. Who wanna get insulted while out shopping? It's therefore in the interest of the store to remove the abusive patron. Not because he's threating to the customers but because he's threating to their bottomline. It's for the same reason Facebook, Twitter, LTT Forum, etc. all have an interest in removing posts and interactions they see an improper.
  4. Volbet

    Show off your latest purchase!

    My old Luxman K-250 decided to develope playback and speed issues, so I had to pick up a new (old) cassette deck. It's a Sansui D-770R if anyone's curious. It's a pretty nice deck from the early 80's. Nothing groundbreaking, but nicer than the decks being released today. I might still repair the old Luxman, but it's proving to be quite the task.
  5. Volbet

    Free Speech and Censorship

    If you want make censorship illegal on privately run platforms, you would encroach on people's right to private property and on their right to govern their property. Something that should not be done lightly. For example, if I was to go into your house and begin talking shit about you, your family and your friends, are you just gonna let me rant or are you calling the cops to have me removed? And that raises the question as to why we should expect owners of digital property to take more than that. Edit: A more appropriate analogy might be if I walk into a store and begin yelling at all the other customers. Are the employees of the store not allowed to remove me or is that just free speech?
  6. I wouldn't necessarily say the Shure SE846 are worth the original asking price. Personally, I bought them because I could get a substatial discount on them. Not to say they don't sound good, but if you're into spending $900 on audio gear you're probably better off spending it on actual headphones or speakers. I've heard very mixed things about the Brainwavz B400s. Some people seem to really like them, while other describe them as being unbelievably boring and dull in their sound. So I would be very interested in knowing how you feel about them.
  7. Volbet

    What song are you listening to right now.

    This is so fucking good. I can't wait for the new ScHoolboy Q album.
  8. I have a pair of Shure SE846, which have four balanced armature drivers in each ear. They have a very nice and balanced sound, at least with the filter I'm currently using.
  9. When you repeat it with no fact checking, yes. That is not a default stance and therefore it requires evidence. Just having some doctors tell you something is not evidence, And you haven't earned the right to any evidence for a counter claim, since you've yet to provide any evidence for your own claim. Just becuase you're opponent can't provide any evidence for their claim it doesn't translate into your position being correct. That's the fallacy of excluded middle. That's what we call intellectual dishonesty. you essentially don't care that your reasoning is extremely faulty. I'm pointing this our for your own benefit. I didn't call you anything of the sort, and therefore it's completly irrelavant. It didn't serve any purpose and didn't strenghten your argument. What you seem to forget is that I'm not arguing for any position, nor do I care what other people have said. What I care about is your faulty reasoning, and the complete lack of a proper argument and evidence from your side.
  10. You did pose it as an argument for your position on the risk of vaccines. You're basing you thesis on an anecdote, but you never really leave that position. You have written several times that you trust your doctors over other doctors, meaning you push their anecdotal experiences to the forefront of your argument for the risk of vaccines. Even if there's a risk by being vaccinated you're anecdote is not evidence of that risk. When you bring up anecdotes as your only source, and you're basing your entire argument around them, then you're presenting them as evidence for your claim. Something you have no basis for. It's absolutly not irrelavent, since it shows that you're capable of critical thinking, but is either unwilling or incapable of extending that critical thinking to your own experience and the stories you've been told. It does. Becuase it means your stance is unreasonable. If you're ademant about 2+2=5, and I disprove that, then it's unreasonable to keep to that position eventhough I can't provide the correct answer. That's completely irrelavent and borders on being an argument from authority.
  11. This is a completly unreasonable and hypocritical stance to take. You're basing your entire argument on anecdotal evidence, yet you expect other people to do more than that. What you're doing here is conducting scientific positivism, which is not a great way of getting to any kind of conclusive truth. This is why it's not been used to draw conclusions in any major capacity any any kind of natural science since the 50's. You don't know if the nameless doctors you cite has a bias (although, your fast to point a completely unfounded conspiracy theory), or have any other kind of error in their data gathering. Your own personal experience, however tragic and debilitating it has been, count for absolutly nothing, since the sample size and data is completely impossible to do anything with. Even if no one else in this thread have no conclusive evidence for the contrary to your point, then that doesn't mean your point is correct. It's not like your personal experince (and the alleged experience of unnamed doctors) is the default position on this topic.
  12. Record sales are have been on a steady incline for the last decade, so there are at least some people that care: https://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewleimkuehler/2019/01/07/vinyl-sales-grow-2018-buzzangle-beatles-kendrick-lamar-queen-album-sales/
  13. I know of at least one place in the UK that sell new cassette releases. Cassette tape sales have also been on a major rise, especially in the UK. There are also still releases being sold exclusively on cassette tape. Granted, they are nice releases like demos and noise music, but there's still a thriving enthusiast scene.