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  1. Of all the things you could cite to show corruption, you decide on showing the national debt. One of the few metrics that shows literally nothing about corruption. As for the rest, you haven't really made an argument as to why your position is the way it is and why it's cthe correct position to hold. Which is a shame, because I would agree with the foundational aspects of your conclusion, but you fail to present any actual premises. The main issue with your writeup is, that it presupposes a malice from the FTC, YouTube or both. Rather, I would argue, that the settlement isn't a natural, legal development on YouTube's legal standing as a platform for delivering content. As oppse to being an editorial platform.
  2. The only member of my wife's family that can't I can't really stomach is her brother. Positive is, that he speaks absolutely no other language than Russian. I can barely form a sentence in Russian, so that's that problem fixed.
  3. Check if your college, probably your college library, offer one. That way you'll know if their system will flag your thesis as plagiarized. I made frequent use of the one offered by my university.
  4. No one species was destined for anything. If the Earth had a stable ecosystem, then no one species would evolve outside of their niche. There would be no reasons for predators to become larger or smaller and herbivores wouldn't have to adapt to different kinds of food. The reason species (and branches of species) do die out, is because they fail to adapt to the changing ecosystem. Especially when those changes are accelerated by humankind. There is an interesting discussion to have about whether or not human are a post-evolution beast, considering we can mold our environment to our liking, and therefore do not have to adapt. We create out own niche, so to say. Although, it's naïve to think, if humans are indeed still evolving, that a new species would just replace us. It would be a gradual change and determining the transition from Homo Sapiens Sapiens to Homo Neo Sapiens will be difficult, considering the way humans carry out recording history.
  5. I haven't really followed Children of Bodom for a while, so I didn't know either. But Roope's new project does sound more interesting than CoB ever did, honestly. I'm just wondering whether the YouTube upload is of a really poor quality or if the recording is really just that bad.
  6. I found a niche and I post stuff people want to watch/read.
  7. I'm starting a new job on Friday. Very exciting times, but I'm also scared shitless. I was offered to become a partner in a new firm and I accepted the offer. I accepted quite a few months ago, but reality haven't really hit me before now. 

    While it isn't the first time I'll be working without a boss, it is the first time I have to be a boss to someone else.

    1. Spotty


      Good luck!

  8. @dalekphalm already mentioned the main ones, but apart from those three there are: Designs: Protects stuff like designer chairs, fabric patterns and general "functional" art. Trade secret: Covers a lot of the same objects as patents (I.E. inventions with an industrial usage), but can do so indefinitely as long as the secret remains unknown to the wider business world. Where trade secrets differentiates themselves from patents, is that stuff like marketing tactics, customer/client information and bookkeeping methods can also be considered trade secrets. Utility models: A light-version of a patent. The demands for innovation are lot more slack in regards to a utility model, but the protection is also only 10 years as oppossed to the usual 20 with patents. Although, I'm pretty sure you can't apply for utility model protection in the US or Canada,
  9. I'm feel the exact opposite. I do hope it feels different. Daria is one of those shows that is so of its time, that it doesn't really work outside of it. Releasing a new show with an unaltered premise and feel to the original simply wouldn't be satisfactory. It would seem fake or link e a pale imitation. Essentially, it would be everything Daria was against.
  10. What, you don't want to link the video where MC Hammer shakes his schlong in everyone's face? That video only becomes funnier once you realize his audience was primarily young children.
  11. See, it get a bit difficult to answer since I don't know from where you're doing your shopping. if you're residing within the EU, then Amazon can't rattle out of their obligation to honor the 2 year warranty as stated in Directive 1999/44/EC. Else they would be in violation of the aforementioned EU directive. If you're outside the EU, you will have to abide by the laws of your residence, even if the items are bought in Germany or another EU country. Usually, that will mean you have to contact the manufacturer, in the case they've offered an independent warranty on the product. And if the product is imported by yourself, then you're probably shit outta luck, since most manufacturers won't honor warranties outside of the original, intended trading region. That's also why the policy of Amazon.com and Amazon.de would be different. One, being Amazon.com, adheres to American law and legal practices, while the other follows EU directives and German law (which in this case is almost wholly dictated by the EU). Again, if you're in the EU, Amazon has no choice as to whether or not they honor a warranty. They're legally obligated to. They decided to sell products, so they also run the risk of faulty products. This is just the harsh legal reality, and it doesn't have anything to do with Amazon's reputation. Now, if the item you bought was purchased from a third-party, that use Amazon as a storefront, then Amazon isn't the seller and you need to contact the third-party directly. If you received a faulty piece of equipment from a mall store, you wouldn't take you warranty claim up with the mall, but with the individual store. The same goes with Amazon. At least, I would argue as such. If you think you're being cheated, then you need to either contact a local consumer board or at least a friend that's knowledgeable about the rules and legislation that's governing for your situation. Giving general legal advice like this is bound to end badly, and getting someone who knows your local laws would really help you out.
  12. I think you're asking the wrong questions here. Amazon does not offer a warranty, period. What they do provide is products that have a warranty, and, if you're located in the EU, then the seller of a product, that's still under warranty, will be the one you have to contact regarding your faulty product. For example, if you buy a motherboard with a two year warranty, and the motherboard experiences a failure within those two years, then you contact Amazon and return the faulty product to them. How they handle it from there probably varies from case to case. What Amazon does offer is a 30 day return window, where you can ship an unwanted product back to Amazon within 30 days for a full refund. As long as the product is still unused, that is. In regards to Amazon VS. Newegg, you should just look at prices. They pretty much offer the same products when it comes to PC parts. One thing you should keep in mind is that Newegg ships from the US, which means you would have to deal with additional tariffs and VAT on top of the listed prices. You might also run into warranty issues, since US rules regarding warranty are quite different from those in the EU and some manufacturers won't honor warranties on products that have been imported/exported outside of their official channels.
  13. People can do that when it's not Halloween, as well. If you're dead set on killing someone, you would probably not do it on a day where there's a guarantee people will be out in public.
  14. For the first time in almost a decade I'm researching a new PC for myself. Damn, I've been out of that loop for a while now.

    1. Bananasplit_00


      Going to be a pretty huge step up in performance though, that's going to be pretty nice I imagine

    2. Volbet


      That was the point. I also wants something a bit smaller and more aesthetically pleasing.


      It was getting to the point where I couldn't play the games I wanted, so I decided I had to upgrade.