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    Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.9 Ghz sometimes, depending on daily tinkering level
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    Gigabyte Gaming 3 B350
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    16 Gb Crucial Ballistix Sport 2666 (OC to 3100 Mhz)
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    EVGA 1060 6 Gb
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    Phanteks P400S TG
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    Samsung EVO 850 500 Gb and a 2TB HD
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    Rosewill Glacier 600W
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    Crossover 27" 1440p overclocked to 110 Hz.
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    Gammaxx 400 (pretty blue light)
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    Logitech G910
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    Logitech G300s
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    Yes, mostly telling the system to fk right off...and some audio bits and pieces too.
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    Windows 10 and 7

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    Zen Buddhism, Singing, IT and technology in general, Photography, Gaming, Progressive politics, meditation.
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    IT consultant, Tech contributor to the BBC and various other media outlets, Soto Zen priest, British cowboy in the US, Dom.

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  1. What did I say they will do exactly? I didn't say they will do anything. I just made the point that nobody who calls themselves a journalist, can accept gifts, free stuff worth a lot of money, or payment of some sort, sign an NDA and expect to be taken credibly as a journalist. That's simply the way it is, not a matter of opinion. If you disagree, then come up with a single journalistic code of ethics that agrees with you. You won't find a single one. If people are so poorly informed that they don't understand that, then I feel sorry for them. If on the other hand some tech tuber, who doesn't claim to be a journalist, accepts freebies and signs an NDA, it's not a big deal. I still don't give them much credibility of course, because, like I have said multiple times, you cannot expect to be objective when you are dependent on and materially benefit from a corporation that you are then supposed to be objective about. Again, not a matter of opinion. But tech tubers like that aren't a big issue, they're not journalists and wouldn't be able to be journalists. If people want to be gullible when it comes to such a commercial relationship, great, that's their problem and...there's one born every minute. Now, where's that NDA you claimed to exist that you still haven't been able to provide a single example of?
  2. Ten people can tell me that unicorns exist, and I'm sure I can find a hundred people that want to deposit a million dollars into my account in return for a small favour for a Nigerian prince, it doesn't change the facts. But nice try. I bet you've bought a few bridges in your time lol. Plus, listen to what exactly? You saying that most reviews agree and that BS eventually surfaces? That doesn't disprove my point, which is, again, very simple - there is a reason why journalists are not allowed to accept gifts under their professional code of ethics, and are not allowed to be dependent on any outside corporations that they are then supposed to treat objectively. If you don't understand why that is, or why it matters, here's a little test for you, I can give you the name of an officer of the court, if you are in the US or the UK, within a reasonable distance of your home, go and offer them a gift and see how it works out for you.
  3. Hate to burst your bubble but you did bring up Ryan's name initially. You might want to not do that next time if you are discussing objective reviews.
  4. Oh you mean when I ask you for a single example of an NDA that you claim to exist that you can't in fact provide? And when you give as an example of an objective reviewer, someone who was caught providing favourable reviews to companies that paid him. That's when you decide not to talk anymore? How amusing. No surprises at all of course, but it was great fun playing with you.
  5. What's wrong exactly? You made a concrete claim, that NDA's with tech tubers give them certain rights. I asked you to show a single example of any such NDA. You still haven't been able to do so. So where is an example of such an NDA that you claimed exists? Just one example will do. A single example. You can do that right?
  6. Oh you mean Ryan at PCper who was caught double dipping and giving favourable reviews to those who paid him? Thanks for making my point (again). By the way, word of advice, if you're trying to prove that reviewers who are materially dependent on a company are objective, try not to use someone who was busted providing favourable reviews to companies that were paying him.
  7. Then do point out how a person who is dependent on a corporation's good will can be always objective about that corporation. I would love to see that.
  8. Again, you are perfectly free to copy and paste exactly where I said that. I'll save you some time though, as I didn't say that. Nowhere did I say that one type of review was substantively more accurate or less accurate than others. I made the simple point that if you are dependent on the good will of corporations and material gifts from them, in order to make a living, then you are not completely objective when it comes to that corporation. Can you seriously not understand this very simple point, or are you just arguing for the sake of it, as you seem to be? Also, where is that NDA that you claimed to know about that gives rights to tech tubers? It should be very easy to produce if you're correct. If you can't, then why make the claim?
  9. Yes it really is simple, if you are dependent on the goodwill of a corporation to make a living and are given free stuff by that same corporation, you are not completely objective. Can you understand that basic point? If not and if perhaps English isn't your first language, and you have problems with understanding that, I will happily say it in French, German or Spanish for you.
  10. Then, as with other claims here, do prove it. You can prove it of course since you seem so sure of that. Should be easy to do if it's true. Of course, what would I know, I've only worked as a journalist. I am curious though, what outlets do you contribute to and write for exactly?
  11. Try and knock off the 'seem to be saying' bullshit. I either said something or I didn't. It really is very simple. So there's absolutely no need to keep trying to obfuscate things in order to, it seems, bolster an almost non existent case. What I said was very clear. If you don't understand it, feel free to say so and I'll say it so that you can understand. Clear enough for you?
  12. Do you seriously not know that it is possible to review something without it having to be given to you as a gift? Or do you think that every single review is written by someone who has been given a product? I can show you literally hundreds of examples on any given platform where people give reviews of products that they have bought themselves.
  13. And yet, the likes of PCper and Joker are still around and still have people believing that they're objective. That a lot of people don't dig deeper doesn't mean that people are more honest, just that there are a lot of poorly informed suckers out there. But then that's obvious right?
  14. This is a review, not rumours. It might be a flawed one (and it is) but it is nonetheless a review: https://elchapuzasinformatico.com/2018/04/review-amd-ryzen-7-2700x-x470/ So do point out where this has happened as I've never seen it. I would agree if it were maybe a month before launch or longer, but two days, no way. I can walk into several stores in Russia for example and buy them straight off the shelf. Not everybody lives in the US remember: https://forums.overclockers.ru/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=590695 If you know any in the EU who have done this, by all means do name them, as most journalists found to have any material benefit in return for an NDA can be fired instantly. Nobody claiming to be a journalist should be signing an NDA, especially when they do indeed get a material benefit from the party that they are then supposed to be writing on. This is very clear in the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics by the way: "Journalists should: – Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived. Disclose unavoidable conflicts. – Refuse gifts, favors, fees, free travel and special treatment..."
  15. And yet, multiple reviewers who get free stuff, have been shown to be off in terms of real world usage before. Funny how that happens. But, if you seriously think that someone who depends on the goodwill of a corporation, and materially benefits from that goodwill, are going to be completely objective and only do it out of the goodness of their hearts to protect consumers, well have fun with that view. In the real world that's just not how it works.