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    johnukguy got a reaction from user779 in DRAM Shortage as Price Fixing?   
    Wow! I'm sorry but you are beyond dense. There is no other way to put it. You really have no idea at all what you're talking about do you? You also completely ignore the fact that all of the RAM manufacturers have price fixed regularly, have been caught doing it and continue to do it. I feel genuinely sorry for you. You can't even understand what's written down in front of you.  How embarrassing.
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    johnukguy reacted to vanished in Help, I'm not exactly sure what to do.   
    That PSU is really not a good choice for a high end build like that.  You can afford something of quality.  That said, what troubles are you having?  If the PC is randomly switching off or giving a BSoD, or perhaps even just crashing the game, it is probably the PSU, but if you're just getting a lower than expected frame rate, I don't think it's the issue.  Still, you should change it though.
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    johnukguy reacted to TheRandomness in Help, I'm not exactly sure what to do.   
    I'm going to say it's the PSU because god damn what made you buy that firecracker with a GTX 1080!?
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    johnukguy reacted to Spotty in New Yahoo ToS   
    If anyone is concerned about other people reading their emails, they shouldn't use Yahoo Mail.
    If you've had the account for 14 years it has definitely been compromised at least once.
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    johnukguy got a reaction from Hydra453 in Best place to buy cheap parts   
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    johnukguy reacted to THMAlex in Building a PC for Strange Parts in China!   
    Comments and recommendations from a Hong Kong audience.
    If you want to buy a PC with a better shopping experience I recommend you buy in Hong Kong instead of Shenzhen. The mall (or more accurate: market) you visited is mainly for wholesale or computer repair and most people there are doing business via Taobao (online shopping platform in China) instead of retail sales.
    Some more comments:
    1. Beware of Robbers. For me I never show cash on the street in mainland China.
    2. Beware of counterfeit stuffs. Maybe they show the real stuff on shelf but in fact they give you a fake one.
    3. Never trust the "80 plus" and the Power Rate label printed on the transformer package. Most likely they are fake and under rated.
    3. Personally prefer purchasing stuffs from Taobao instead of visiting the mall if you really want to buy things from China.
    4. Laughed at 3:07. TBH most people in mainland China dont understand English. Helping from Dennis or Brandon is recommended. From the video credits I saw Brandon is here. I guess Brandon can speak both Mandarin and even Cantonese that can really help quite a lot.
    5. 5:25 Remember to do a bargain as most of the time they mark their price higher.
    6. 16:00 Watch carefully when paying by cash. People may swap counterfeit cash with you.
    7. 23:40 The sponsor advertisement really surprise me. I think I should try next time when travelling to Mainland China.
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    johnukguy reacted to dizmo in PC Case Open or Closed for Performance?   
    So be careful around it? There are also many open air cases.
    I don't know why you'd be antiRGB. If you don't like it that's fine, but there are loads of people that don't hide their PC away, they have it out on display. RGB is a nice touch for them. It also makes it way easier to color coordinate. It's a lot stupider to have a case with only one color LED.
    Really, you should be using your PC in a lit room anyway. Better for the eyes
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    johnukguy reacted to Princess Luna in PC Case Open or Closed for Performance?   
    What's the point of buying a good case if you'll just leave it all open?... why not leave it open? simple it'll dust up 10 times faster.
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    johnukguy reacted to Pangea2017 in what component is this?   
    Would not be a surprise if this power delivery. So don't touch this gpu as you don't know if there is more blown up.
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    johnukguy reacted to purple_rider in Why does everyone hate Razer?   
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    johnukguy reacted to Arika S in Why does everyone hate Razer?   
    generally yes, people do not like Razer here either. they don't believe in their own products, try to cover up flaws instead of fixing them, terrible customer service, way overpriced compared to the competition. i see no reason to get a razer product over anything else
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    johnukguy reacted to Drak3 in Why does everyone hate Razer?   
    It's an opinion I hold because the only good Razer branded products I've used are Razer rebrands of products made by other companies. If Razer makes it, it has been garbage.
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    johnukguy got a reaction from Ramaddil in Best CPU/MOBO Combo for $250?   
    As someone who's worked as a journalist, I tend to take the side of other journalists and analysts over entertainers with faulty methodology, but at least we can agree to disagree, when what is important here is that the 8400, at it's present price at least, is not as good a buy as a Ryzen CPU and mobo combo (1600 or above).
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    johnukguy reacted to epsilon84 in Best CPU/MOBO Combo for $250?   
    The i5 8400 comes with a stock HSF, which is enough to run it at stock clocks.
    Agreed that the 2600 would be the better option than a 1600X. The 1600 does come with a stock HSF though, and is probably the best value IMO, especially when it goes on sale, retailers have to clear out the old 1st gen Ryzen stock now that Ryzen 2000 series is here.
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    johnukguy reacted to BuckGup in Ryzen 2600X running hotter than it should?   
    67C is not hot at all
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    johnukguy reacted to Tailmon1 in Best CPU/MOBO Combo for $250?   
    Here is the 1700 and the board on my wet bench before I transfered it into a nice Roswill Cullin case.

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    johnukguy reacted to Ramaddil in Best CPU/MOBO Combo for $250?   
    If you had a budget for a 8700 or 8600 then for sure it would be a better buy over ryzen for gaming but the 8400 is not a good buy at that price point when there is r5 1600 or 2600x there.  my 2cents
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    johnukguy got a reaction from Ramaddil in Best CPU/MOBO Combo for $250?   
    I would include a 1600 in that too and it will still perform better for video editing and streaming than the 8400.
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    johnukguy reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Alternative to Advanced Systemcare   
    Generally all these programs are pretty bad, and windows will do most of this for you. Id suggest just letting windows do its thing.
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    johnukguy reacted to Tailmon1 in Best CPU/MOBO Combo for $250?   
    I'm running a Ryzen 1700 and a Gigabyte Gaming B350 and its clockable and running nice for the price
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    johnukguy reacted to paddy-stone in Best CPU/MOBO Combo for $250?   
    b350 and 2600x... but kinda depends on WHAT it's for?
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    johnukguy reacted to Ramaddil in Best CPU/MOBO Combo for $250?   
    I agree with this but if you have to have it now I think the b350 + 1600 is a good deal.
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    johnukguy reacted to Tailmon1 in Best CPU/MOBO Combo for $250?   
    you would be better saving for the 2600X and a B350
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    johnukguy reacted to limegorilla in Any recommendations?   
    This is true, most modern smartphones are good but they do not use the higher bitrate nor resolution of a bigger sensor. Plus they can overheat much easier. There are other problems (like light) but I do still agree. Don't forget the power of your phone.
    If your just starting out, go for a second hand Canon 600D. Its a great camera with arguably the best lens support and best color science on the market. They also serve for a brilliant second camera for later down the line.
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    johnukguy got a reaction from mohajem in "UnUpdatable" Windows 10   
    Why are you using any IDE drivers at all? That is likely one factor in your issues. Don't select IDE in the BIOS, always AHCI. After setting AHCI in the BIOS, boot to safe mode first, then boot normally. You can also follow this procedure in Windows:

    Right-click the Windows Start Menu. Choose Command Prompt (Admin). Type this command and press ENTER: bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal Restart the computer and enter BIOS Setup (the key to press varies between systems). Change the SATA Operation mode to AHCI from either IDE or RAID (again, the language varies). Save changes and exit Setup and Windows will automatically boot to Safe Mode. Right-click the Windows Start Menu once more. Choose Command Prompt (Admin). Type this command and press ENTER: bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot Reboot once more and Windows will automatically start with AHCI drivers enabled.