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    Hardware Lover, Gamer, Engineer
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    Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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    Adventure, Music, Computers
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    Hey there, I'm Adam.
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    Manufacturing Engineer


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    Intel i5 6600
  • Motherboard
    EVGA Z170 Stinger
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8Gb 3200 MHz
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    EVGA GTX 1070 FE
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    NCase M1 with custom cut window
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    Samsung 850 EVO 500Gb
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    Corsair SF450
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    2x Asus VN248H-P 23.8", Dell 12" 1024x768
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    Cooler Master Gemin S524V2 With LTT Nocuta NFF12
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    Logitech G610 Orion Brown
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
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    Logitech Z313 Speakers & Sennheiser HD518
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    MSX 64

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  1. Do you have enough storage space for the new COD? Rumor has it to be around ~150gb requirement. Your FPS wont matter if you cant install
  2. My take - college/university is 50% learn the content and 50% learn the discipline. I got a degree in Mechanical Engineering and while I learned countless topics of fluids, thermo, statics, etc. that I will likely never use, I certainly learned how to take on problems and do any job I might come across. Any school you go to will have crappy teachers that copy/paste from somewhere else. But teach yourself how to tackle the problems and you'll be a better person. Doesn't always work out unfortunately, I had a few classes where I simply couldn't learn the stuff, but hey, it happens. I've always had a gripe with people making the argument of "wish I learned how to do taxes in highschool instead of blah blah blah". Well maybe if you learned to think for yourself and go learn things, you could learn that turbotax does it all for you in about 30 minutes, for free. I know its not truly that simple but come on people.
  3. They all need to get filled somehow, so most have a plugged port somewhere on the rad. I always used to get cooler master AIO's and they always had a port on the rad
  4. if it is a 1080p resolution screen, doesnt matter if its a phone or stadium projection. The number of pixels that the gpu is responsible for are the same.
  5. my first thought would be to let it start a new game, and create a new set of files. Then go and copy/paste yours into whatever folder it makes.
  6. Usually they'll just take a finger, to prove a point. Really though, I'm not sure of the full scale or legal scope, but I know they are most often used for things like recollecting cars/goods owed to the bank for payment failure.
  7. I don't in any way disagree that this is a major problem. But it's interesting to think how far we've come over phone numbers. 10 years ago, if I needed my friends address, I could look up their parents by last name in the local phone book and get it. Easy as that.
  8. coming as a standalone DLC of course, along with 3 new office layouts!
  9. Didn't rad the article but very much enjoyed your story. Very interesting. As avid of a computer use as I am, I'm glad I left high school ('14) at a time when stuff like that wasn't completely phased in,
  10. commercial planes are white and you still see those right? With the brightness of the sky, any underside will appear much darker.
  11. totally missed that part. My apologies. In that case I'd go for the lenovo
  12. AutoCAD will run on a pentium. It's 2D design. Even if you're doing renders on a 3d modelling software it's still CPU intensive, not GPU, so I would just emphasize getting a solid CPU
  13. Can vouch for having been asked the question while a New York (central state) resident. No stolen SSN on your part.
  14. Hmm. It reads as a Q6600 so it definitely has 4 cores somewhere. Can you boot into the BIOS and see what it reads there?