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  1. Hello, kinda late to the game but they ever uploaded the motherboard tray layout CAD file?
  2. Yeah, I'm also using the fan max consumption as a baseline, which is 0.22 amps, and the two noctua fans I want to add use 0.12 amps each, so I'm 0.02 amps short, shouldn't break anything right?
  3. Actually yes, do you how many amps that connector can put out? Just to be on the safe side.
  4. Ohhhhhh i get it now, sorry lol Thanks again and sure thing, will do!
  5. Yes indeed I did lol, would you mind sharing the data sheet? It's more a matter of keeping the original aesthetic and what actually fits, thank you so much for the pinout! Given the form factor of the G5, I think an airflow optimized fan would be better, the G5 power supply looks more like a Flex ATX PSU, the 2 fans would be throwing fresh air from the front It would be keeping the G5 spirit then lol
  6. I'll try the method from the PDF later, seems interesting, sadly I don't have LEDs laying around and I can't get some because of the quarentine I want to fit this PSU inside the PSU box of the Power Mac G5, there's place for 2x 60mm fans inside, so the idea is to connect 2 noctua fans to the PSU for cooling
  7. Any idea of how can I determine which cable is sense and which is control?
  8. Thanks everyone for your prompt reponse, yes @AHaskin14 I agree with you it's definitly the mini GPU PWM connector my concern is more about the pinout that seems to be none standard. For example, with this adapter wouldn't it be sending +12v to the ground wire acording to the readings from my multimeter? @DildorTheDecent as seen from this and the readings from my multimeter, aren't the +12v and ground cables flipped on the PSU?
  9. Hello everyone, I have plans to mod my Corsair SF750 to use a PWM fan (actually 2), however I notice that the cabling on the fan that comes with the PSU it's not "standard". Connecting my multimeter with black wire as ground and green wire to the positive lead show +12v, is this the standard pinout for this connector? I think it uses the mini PWM connector from GPUs. Does anyone has any idea how I can determine which wire from the remaining 2 is the PWM signal and which one is the sense signal? Any help is apreciated, thanks!
  10. Does anyone remember the case they used? I'm actually curious about the PSU
  11. I am keeping it mind that the 2080 ti it's immensely faster than a V64, but it's also way more expensive. Vega VII would be the best choice but sadly it's not available on local stores. The system it's supposed to last at least 5 years, the real question is if the Vega 64 is a good card kind of by itself, without comparisons and would be usable for the next 5 years.
  12. Hello everyone, looking around at a amazon-like local website I came across a MSI RX Vega 64 Wave at $329 new, and I'm wondering if at that price point it's worth it, I'm looking forward to build a CAD/rendering first machine with an 8086k, and gaming second, I'll also would like to maybe convert it to a hackintosh at some point. I was actually planning to go for a cheap version RTX 2080 ti, but this Vega 64 at this price point seems like a really good value to me. Any advice is welcome!
  13. Last time I used the downloadable version, windows notifications worked, no luck on the UWP version though