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  1. Thanks man I am Also at a complete loss that's why I hoped the might of the Forum Would be able to help.
  2. Wouldn't the RAM cause the PC to Cycle on and off the whole time?
  3. Yeah talking to you now On my main pc, Tested the card in here works perfectly its an old GTX 970TI. I keep thinking this issue is CPU related due to the Heatsink not heating up at all I duno if I am crazy but it would be great if its just a cpu issue.
  4. I Did this when I first got the board checked everything was fine with cpu no bent pins on the board and put 2 ram sticks in the 2 corresponding slots HAve the 8 pin connector connected on the motherboard etc and only the boot Drive and GPU in. That Why I am trying to troubleshoot now thinking maybe the CPU is dead or the mounting pressure is wrong or something of that nature.?
  5. Ok thank you . could you help me here. I bought this Evga X58 Mobo with a I7920 ( I know old school) It has has a Coolermaster air cooler on it, How would I Know the correct mounting pressure as its just screws? Side note: The issue I am having is When I turn the board on it lights up. but doesn't display anything through the graphics card and the GPU fan doesn't even turn on, at first I thought the PCIE slots were busted but I felt the CPU heatsink and it isn't getting warm at all. So to see if any of the slots were working I But A wifi card into one of the USB 3 PCIE slots and
  6. As far as I know With intel CPU's the CPU is directly connected to the PCIE Slots, Would this mean that if the CPU was dead that the PCIE slots wouldn't work?
  7. OK thanks for the info dude I really didn't know all that and I have now been educated and I really appreciate it. So is there any way I can connect the GPU Without connecting it to a PCIe slot. ? cause the bottom one doesn't even work. I know that Linus in one of his vids was able to use a mining GPU to game but due to it being a mining GPU it doesn't have any display so he passed it through the motherboards onboard display. Now that being said I know my Motherboard doesn't have Onboard Display. But the GPU does . Is there any way to use the GPU without us
  8. Yeah I tried all 3 Pcie lanes still nothing, chipset uplink never heard the term ? I would just really like to get this Mobo working in any way possible.
  9. I bought this Mobo today, the guy said it didnt display but the board powers on fully it shows all the lights etc except for the Debug LED display witch doesn't display any fault codes and doesn't light up. I put a graphics card in it to see if it would display anything as this Mobo doesn't have onboard display output, but nothing the fan on the G card doesnt even spin. The Mobo has 12 gigs of G-skill ram. with a Intel I7 920. The power supply I am using is a Corsair CX 600 W that I know works perfectly. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  10. Will try with a Different drive tomorrow see if it makes a difference. Yeah I set the ( this , then this, etc) still didnt change anything with the USB drive. Out of interest as I cant remember shouldn't the name of the USB show up in the boot menu options , As the bios only gives different USB option eg. USB HDD, USB FDD, etc.
  11. No put it in a anti static bag next to me while driving then brought it home and put it on the test bench. I tried multiple Sata ports just to make sure none were defective. So the WD drive has a Old windows 10 install from a laptop i used to use a while back just re purposing it for this build. TO make sure there was no problem with the drive I put it in my pc with the Same SATA cable just to be sure and it worked perfectly, ( didnt try to boot from it just access it) I want to put Linux on the drive but since it wont boot from the usb (very weird) I havnt got that far.
  12. Here is a picture of an old one with Molex and Sata just to Show you dude. ( Note this is not the drive I am using)
  13. The Drive is a WD Scorpio blue, small 250 gig drive. (WD2500BEVT)
  14. Sorry guys could one of you please try to assist further as the problem is still persisting, IM so desperate I want to go buy the old hard drive this thing was working with when i tested it.