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    intel i5-4690k 4.2GHz OC
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
  • RAM
    something kingston
  • GPU
    MSI 1070 armor edition
  • Case
    NZXT H440 white
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    corsair 750i
  • Display(s)
    Asus MG278Q 27" 144hz
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    corsair H100i V2
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    Corsair K30
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    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    Logitech z907
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    Windows 10
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  1. websites that you can link music streaming services to which will track what tv series/movies you have matches down to the episode and also recommend others based on your watching habits. i use it for my Plex server which is nice if i ever need to reinstall plex at any point i don't lose my progression
  2. Received an email from trakt.tv about a data breach they have only just discovered that happened in 2014. Straight from the email
  3. - i'm built into the google ecosystem so it just made sense - cheaper to use - freedom around apps and to some extent the OS i run ( with custom roms ect ) - generally, have newer features and will test the water more
  4. wonder how this will affect projects like brave browser?. if this code gets pushed to the chromium repo are they forced to use it or could they edit it out?
  5. running a 1070 here with an MG279q, all is working good. I used CRU to bump the free sync range from 35-90 up to 60-144 and enabled g-sync. not had any issues so far other than a small flick to a black screen with PUBG but this is so quick and does not happen very often, unsure if this is PUBG or the drive but I am very pleased with the outcome of this as I play games such as world of Warcraft which has a rep for low FPS in cities and raiding it is nice to have a smooth look with all the chaos that is going on. Might be worth making an LTT spreadsheet in order to keep track of setups that work and take a note oh what issue people have cropped up with and possible fixes
  6. was nice to see my mg278q show up on the slide. Bring on the 15th !!!!
  7. my death knight in world of warcarft, been playing him since WoTLK came out. going to get a better rez version though.
  8. it's like crying that Nvidia is at fault because valve games don't support raytracing.
  9. i get a vibe you didn't actually read anything past the title.
  10. there was also a Starcraft 2 arcade game that was similar called mafia. really interesting but I find it best played as a group as PuGs can ruin the fun
  11. well, you only get the email if your email address appeared in the list posted online, maybe you were lucky and didn't get posted?
  12. I see where you are coming from, I like LastPass because a majority of the major sites support an auto change password feature so if my account was every breached I think I could change all my passwords before anyone could crack the hashed passwords. you could also use software like keypass which is a local version, we use it here at my work.
  13. i made the switch to last pass and a yubikey 2 years ago and would never go back.
  14. i loved Conan exile but they stripped a lot of features out for release that i was a bit upset about
  15. agreed, back when the community were given the tools to do this. Garry's mod - a collection of source games counter strike - half life 2 mod TF - half life 2 mode Quake - ( i think was a mod originally) Dota - Warcraft 3 mod ( which also spawned league, heroes of the storm and heroes of Newerth) the community makes the best games because we are the ones playing them. companies like blizzard and Bethesda are currently ruining their player base due to greedy on money and it is honestly a shit time to be a game from my perspective.