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  1. IgorM

    Motherboard!? 7?

    What CPU are you going to use? Is it amd based or intel?
  2. IgorM

    Cooling Pads On Your Laps

    Amazon seems to have some good options for about 20 USD with great reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Laptop-Cooling-Pads-External-Fans/b/ref=dp_bc_4?ie=UTF8&node=2243862011
  3. IgorM

    Motherboard 24 pin.

    The metal pins appear to be in great condition, so that's what matter
  4. IgorM

    Motherboard 24 pin.

    the color close to the bottom capacitor and on the corner pin seemed like they were burnt. Maybe its a normal discoloration from the plastic.
  5. IgorM

    Motherboard 24 pin.

    It looks kind of burned. Try cleaning it with a white cloth and see if a black stain comes of of the plastic. Also, that might be weird, but does it smell burned?
  6. IgorM

    headphones wont work after putting in a new gpu.

    i mean if they work if you plug them into your pc if you disconnect your gpu
  7. IgorM

    headphones wont work after putting in a new gpu.

    That's quite weird. Do they work without the gpu ?
  8. IgorM

    headphones wont work after putting in a new gpu.

    be sure to check with other headphones.
  9. IgorM

    ISDone.dll error

    It has plenty of storage and it has 8GB of DDR4 RAM. I also tried to download the dll but no luck. About the system, its a laptop with an i5 7200u, 240 GB 860 Samsung evo SSD (with more than 100 GB left), no dedicated gpu (I know it's nowhere near gaming but already installed GTA V on it) and as said 8GB of DDR4 single channel RAM.
  10. I'm trying to install a game but an error window ISDone.dll pops up. What can I do?
  11. I’ve a private indexer setup using Jackett, but the problem is that it can’t find any episodes. Using the Jackett search I found out that the episodes don’t have a category. What can I do?
  12. IgorM

    Can't access router config page

    I know, that's not the point. Also reset it multiple times and even changd it's ip. The error happens on every device and also when I try to log in remotly. If i reboot it and try to access it's config page I can, but after a few minutes it's gone, and I get a connection refused.
  13. I'll give it a try, thanks
  14. IgorM

    Lightning VS Fire Which one is stronger?

    acordingo to wikipedia a lightning carries approximately 5 billion joules[1] or about the energy stored in 145 litres of petrol
  15. IgorM

    Best F1 Driving game for Android?

    Haven't tried F1 2016 but judging by the graphics and review it seems like a good game. I've played Real racing and it's one of the best android games, the only issue is that it's expensive to upgrade your cars (using the fake game money) and they keep trying to sell you stuff. That's more noticeable on the Formule e side of the game, upgradind a car there is quite hard