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    ryzen 5 1600X
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    Asus X370 Prime Pro
  • RAM
    16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 MHz
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    GTX 1070
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    Deepcool Tesseract BF
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    Adata XPG sx8200 pro+more storage
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    FSP Hyper M700
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    Asus VA326N-W
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    Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)

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  1. I dont have that option, not in ,,sounds" nor in ,,sound settings".... I have heard some people say that it is not an option for this headset
  2. I just bought it because I could afford it, and wanted a wireless headset, I really didnt care about the microphone. If it worked fine just a bit ago, why doesnt it work fine now?
  3. So as you have read the title, yes, my left driver is quieter than the right one, but I didnt do anything to it. I have noticed, that If I push the earcup closer to my ear, and then let go of it, it works fine again, until it doesnt. There wasnt any chance water might have gotten into it or anything like so, the headphones are brand new, opened the box today. I dont have the receipt, since I bought it practically second hand, but it really was sealed, can I still get a replacement if I dont have the recepit? I live in Romania btw, so it would be pretty hard to get it to Corsair
  4. it didnt work, do you think I shoould use another os?
  5. already tried this one, not when installing windows tho, gonna try it now
  6. I got my hands on a Promise Fasttrak100 tx2, and would like to install the drivers to windows 7. Is it possible? if so, how? If not possible, what OS do you suggest? thx for the help
  7. If I burn win 10 to a dvd, will that work?
  8. I tried to run a windows 7 installer, with no luck. so I think Im getting that dvd drive as a last resort before trying to get the usb to be in mbr mode in rufus the product page doesnt say so.... sad
  9. The motherboard is a gigabyte p35/ds3r, and I did not find a secure boot option.... Win 10 8gb usb 2.0 device not sure I dont really know what sysprep is Did I do something that stupid?
  10. When It put my usb stick in my motherboard, and try to boot from it it gets stuck at this screen*PIC* I tried installing windows on the drive on a separate machine, and when I plugged it back in, it showed the windows logo for a few seconds, and then restarts... What do I do now?
  11. nope, its non--ecc, unbuffered which means its compatible with desktop boards, it says on the asus site that its compatible with some, however on ebay it says amd only....
  12. I was checking out an Asus Maximus II Formula board, looked at max memory saying its 16 gb and was mindblown when I checked in the memory support list. Samsung made 4 gb sticks of (non ecc, unbuffered) ddr2 memory. I went up on ebay but I couldnt find any of that kind, just specific for amd ram... Can you guys help me to find some? If I find 4, then Im buying the board too just for lolz
  13. I wasn't gonna buy one, because I already have plenty fast storage, I was just wondering if it was a real thing or a scam, or if an improvement compared to that gigabyte one. Thanks for the info, appreciate it!
  14. I wanna update the bios of my Asus A7V600-x so I can build a retro gaming pc, and I have the bios file on my usb stick, when I type in the name of the file, it searches for it(the activity indicator on the usb is flashing), then it stops, and I cant even restart with the esc button, but if I restart it somehow, it totally fine, with the old bios. Can someone help? do I need to have the bios file on a cd? Im clueless
  15. I was checking the internet for gigabyte GC-ramdisk cards, and stumbled across this weird thing: https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/ram-disk-14375183788.html. it claims to be a solution just like the gigabyte card, but its really strange, like it can have up to 16 gbs, maybe ddr3 and its in a very stupid looking enclosure that is bigger than a 3.5 inch hard drive. Any thoughts on it? I think Linus should take a look at it