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  1. I would have to choose my phone, desktop computer and NAS. Sorry TV, you didn't make the cut.
  2. I have the code and it offers many more USB ports on the i/o. I believe the hero has less USB ports but it does have a DP and ps2 port which the code does not. Plus they are aesthetically different.
  3. Yes, I have built many computers. Probably in the mid 100s as far as quantity. My main computer (in its current iteration): Intel 8700K @ 5.1GHz ASUS Maximus Code Motherboard 32GB (4x8GB) Trident Z @ 3466GHz NZXT X62 Kraken AIO 2TB Nvme 3TB (3X1TB) SSD in Raid 0 ASUS STRIX 1080 Ti in SLI EVGA P2 1200W PSU Fractal Design R6 Case Plus a lot of LL120/140 fans.
  4. There is a subsection of this forum for this type of thing. It is called New builds and planning.
  5. Do you plan on adding a graphics card on the R5 1600 system? Without a dedicated GPU the system will not output any video.
  6. I would purchase anything used if it works, the price is right and I have a need/want for it. All my computers are made from used hardware, most my furniture is repurposed and all my clothes are preloved, albeit tailored a bit.
  7. I would recommend swapping out the 1660 Ti for a 1660 Super. Roughly the same performance for cheaper. And maybe consider getting a better PSU with a longer warranty. Something you can re-use in a build a few years down the line. Reference this PSU Tier List for ideas.
  8. If you have any experience using LEGO you are more than qualified to click in a few parts to make a computer.
  9. I would recommend the ASUS graphics card because I've always had a good experience with their product line. But realistically it comes down to what card you think looks best because they should both perform roughly the same.
  10. Do you have a budget? What resolution are you playing at? What frequency?
  11. drk


    Looks to be a great 1080p gaming machine. Does it meet your needs?
  12. As stated before the PSU is more than enough. I have run an aggressively OCed 8700K & Zotac 2080 Extreme on a decent tier 650W power supply without issue.
  13. You can try to use a clean paintbrush in tandem with an air duster.
  14. For some without an xbox/ps4 I am excited to play RDR2 on PC after this along awaited release. And since I've waited so long already I won't have an issue waiting a few months more in hopes of getting a discount on it.