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  1. Just waiting to see the stock comes around for the mini-series as they are out of stock still more than the GOXLR series. If you were or were to pick the two, then which one and why. I do have my results but you guys thoughts first
  2. Goes front and top, however since the ram sticks are high as they are RGB, time your radiator and fans are mounted it's over the ram sticks however the sticks I got are far higher and won't fit.
  3. @jaslion I had the case since 2018. Over three years old now. I'm aware of how AIO works that is why I try to put the AIO as high as I can so that the pump is lower then the top of the radiator, liquid box location.
  4. It's Phanteks Enthoo Pro, mid size tower. Can't have AIO mounted on top since there is no clearance
  5. Evening people, Does this image of the cooling seems right? Two 140mm fans from front blowing into the case for the AIO radiator that's mounted in the front, Then two 140mm AIO fans blowing out from the radiator into the case. Then 1x 120mm and 2x 140mm fans from the bac and on top of the case as seen on the image blowing air from inside and out of the case. Before I had all fans going out of case LOL
  6. You can have TPM enable in the bios yes, I do and I do not see anything wrong with that. But regards Bitlocker in the system itself of windows is disable and I keep it disable
  7. Empire24453


    I just enable on my end from the bios and workings so good so far on windows 10 and ready to update
  8. Seems that older hardware is a 50/50 at this point of time. I7-3930k isn't liested but I say it still works like a dream. Saying that my i5-5200U won't able to run it
  9. I love to go and get the GOXLR however they are not cheap even for the Mini verion, on the plus side, waiting to see something new out of the box as GOXLR is great but outdatted and many options that most people do not even need for it. I use Astro MIXAMP for my volumages and chat to game sounds with AT2020 mic to Behringer UMC22 for the power. But after more options and more power, to able to mute any audio channels and control the game, voice and system sounds. Was looking at the Mini GOXLR as that looks cool and to begine with however it's out of stuck
  10. I have PC hardware parts laying around and just thinking or wounding what's the market like for them and worth sellig them on rather then going into a trash tin. The gear is getting on to ten long years and it's still good for 2021 to a point. i7-3930K 6-cores 12-threads, at 3.80GHz however this beast can do over 4Ghz. Still in it's original box Asus P9X79 deluxe, original boxed and it's 2011 socket, however needs refurbishing/fixing - 3.0 USB sockets gone Asus gtx 680 directcu ii - Vram is olny 2GB and also in original box Corsair 16GB DDR3 1866 sticks - orig
  11. Yep, you need new board, CPU not supported for your board. With that, AMD or Intel.. For the price Intel has dropped big time. However With AMD you have more freedom on future CPU upgrades, meaning keeping the same board for five gens
  12. Helps to see what board and specs that you have now If you have an Intel board then I go with the i5 10600K and stay away from 11th gen.
  13. Seems that system Infor is wrong, says 07/06/2020 Yet do not remember. New MB, Ram and CPU in November 2020 and just still used the same OS just removed old drivers with the new and it was since 2018 last time I did a clean install of windows 10.
  14. Yet when system starts to move to pagefile like you say, you start to see the C drive usegae going up, lets say 100% as it's reading and writing. Now at the time when it was happening that I had my task manager open and 79% ram, C drive at 5% and GPU doing normal things as it should. ANd so I still don't get it why... Unless the sim is just crap or maybe Iclue software is maing it bad.