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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Motherboard
    ASRock B450M Steel Legend
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980
  • Case
    NZXT H400 (White)
  • Storage
    500GB Crucial P1 M.2 NVMe SSD & 1TB HGST HDD
  • PSU
    Some Cooler Master semi-modular one from 2014
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i V2 AiO
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Gaming K95 RGB
  • Mouse
    Corsair Gaming M65 RGB
  • Sound
    Logitech Speakers (lol)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Laptop
    2018 MacBook Pro 13-inch

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  1. It would be but for the sake of this project, I'm not too worried. Just need to get it down on paper ?
  2. Hey guys, I've been assigned a project for my college Statistics class where I have to create a 'yes or no' question and collect the results from it and utilize those results to make interpretations using the mathematical calculations we've learned throughout the course. This post may look familiar as I posted earlier a similar poll, only to realize the responses must be 'yes or no'. I know this is a broad poll, but if you would please take the time to vote if you've ever built your own computer, I would appreciate it much! Side note, if you answered yes, I'd love if y
  3. This obviously isn't the most accurate or telling benchmark, but on paper, the single threaded performance is better resulting in a significantly higher multi-threaded performance score. I'm sure this varies depending on the use case and how the application utilizes the aspects of each processor.
  4. Yeah I agree with you. It's crazy to think that the Ryzen 7 (mine is a 2700X) performs significantly better than the Core i7 5960X which used to be I think close to $1k when it was current, and I paid way less. Like obviously the 5960X is outdated now, but back then it was a HUGE deal and now it's fallen way behind. I've never had a Ryzen laptop, but honestly, I think with their new processors being so heat efficient compared to their old ones, it'd be a great option for a laptop. Before if you got an AMD laptop, you could just expect that it'd always be running it's fans on max because of how
  5. I really like Intel and I recently switched to Ryzen and I have to say I couldn't be happier. AMD has made a lot of progress and even if they're not the best, they're still a great option for many. I only wish there was a wider selection of micro ATX gaming motherboards for B450
  6. I do agree with this. For this project specifically, I think it's alright since many have a favored brand based on their specific needs and while they're needs that are subject to change, this data is for the here and now rather than the all time.
  7. I'm doing a project for my college Statistics where I have to gather the statistics on something of my choosing and then interpret those statistics in a series of mathematical calculations. I would appreciate it if you took a second to vote for me and feel free to reply with why you prefer one or the other. I'd be personally interested in hearing everyone's thoughts.
  8. Does anybody have one of these? An MSI PX60-6QD? There are no video reviews based in the United States, and it is hard to find any good information about it. Lots of "cheap build quality" reviews, but it's older brother the GS60 with the same chassis has good build quality reviews. I just bought this laptop, and I'm worried about disliking it.. Thoughts? https://www.msi.com/Notebook/PX60-6QE.html
  9. I'm out looking to buy a new laptop. I really like the Razer Blade model laptops but some of the complaints make not having a disk drive and SD card reader seem a bigger more unacceptable issue. I heard the fans are loud, yes I know, its thin therefore its fans are going to be loud... But just how loud are they? Does anybody own either of these notebooks that can do a sound demo for me? Also, is there difference in cooling between the regular Blade and the Blade Pro? What does the screen look like with normal (100%) scaling? How small are the items on it? Can anybody who owns one of these scr
  10. Use a clean unused paintbrush is plausible and canned air is also great. I use a wet washcloth for cleaning some things but it is not recommended because it increases your risk of ruining your computer.
  11. Frankly, it is normal to notice a different sound when booting up your PC after changing out your hardware, each piece of hardware makes its own noises, such as different types of fans, and since this power supply has a different type of fan, it's normal to notice a change in sound. Don't worry, it's all good.
  12. I have just cleaned the thermal paste off of my CPU and GPU on my Asus Q550LF, however due to the weird shape of cores on my CPU, I don't know how to go about reapplying it so it makes the best contact. I attached a picture of the cleaned CPU.
  13. I recently installed Windows 7 and it's been a fight to find a wallpaper I like for a 1920x1080 display. Any suggestions?
  14. I have the Netgear C6300 router and I am trying to port forward my Minecraft Server. I have port forwarded the way I usually would on any router but the default port '25565' is said to be unreachable. I have posted a screenshot of the gateway and the application I have used to check the port. The default gateway for my router is and the IPv4 for the server's host is Any help is appreciated, the router is brand new.
  15. I hate drivers!! I hate installing them, I hate everything about them. I also hate my current mouse. It's become an antique and is quite uncomfortable! I've read a selection views on the FinalMouse and after seeing the perspective of Linus Media Group, I really want to try one.