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  1. So I'm so close to reaching the end of my app development and I have a bug where whenever I try to create a Signed APK but gives me this error: "Process 'command 'D:\7. Jake's Stuff\Android\build-tools\25.0.0\aapt.exe'' finished with non-zero exit value 1" I use Android Studio, anyone got any ideas to help me? I tried cleaning and rebuilding the project but it didn't work. Help!
  2. Hello everyone, I am creating an Icon Pack and I hit a bit of a roadblock because I need to know how to get the AppActivity and AppPackage name because I am stuck at this part: component="ComponentInfo{com.afollestad.polar/com.afollestad.polar.ui.MainActivity}" drawable="polar" /> Any way to find? Help!
  3. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    Android is beautiful even from the deepest part of it's kernel. I just want to make some people happy. If that is even possible.....
  4. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    so wait is my icon pack illegal? im just transforming icons into iOS style. .-.
  5. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    i think i need to rethink my life choices.
  6. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    Turns out you can migrate Eclipse to Android Studio and I know how to create. Also I'm sorry to everyone. Found this guide: https://blog.prototypr.io/how-to-create-an-android-icon-pack-app-ecb77811b938
  7. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    I am somewhat of a fast learner. I just need some basic knowledge. I've tried with Eclipse but I can't get a openable app. I mean it does apply the Icons.
  8. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    75% of the icons we're designed because some of them we're low resolution. Some like Google Assistant we're easily recreated. I am not trying to get into any trouble, please.
  9. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    Ok. Lemme get everything straight real quick. I have currently found 500+ icons and added them in the spreadsheet but have currently designed 200 at this point. I also want an app that could be openable which would show How many icons have been made, How many have been submitted, Donate and Social button and View All icons tab. Example from Agos Icon Pack:
  10. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    I mean as in an separate icon for the app so you can open it and view all the icons and submit your own icons and donate. Example from Agos Icon Pack:
  11. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    Will this allow me to create an openable app?
  12. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    I have worked in Clickteam Fusion and Eclipse. Still trying to get along with Android SDK.
  13. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    I found apps and I turned them in the style I did. I made a spreadsheet of the apps I need to design.
  14. How do I create an Icon Pack? (Discussion closed.)

    Yes I know but I want to make an app for the Play Store.
  15. Hello. I've done some designing and hunting and found over 500+ icons and now I need help programming it. Do you guys have any guides and please, tell me some that are not that old. Also I want to create an app that could be openable and not just icons. For Android. Here is a little peak. Yes I know, I choose that style also sorry for the white background, thnx everyone.