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  1. I love Zotac's Video Cards, have never been disappointed with them, and now will not be the time! <3
  2. Both my favourite earplugs and my gaming headset broke last month. I am using a random pathetic sound device and the Feenix Aria Headset is just godlike. Much love and good luck everyone. Tyvm LLT & Feenix.
  3. It makes no sense to get ridiculously low FPS with those specs you have. It sure looks you have a problem with your software like bad drivers, bad windows install, incompatibilities, something like that. If you reinstall everything and the issues continue to happen, you might have hardware issues, somewhere. What are your temperatures? If your CPU or GPU are running too hot they might be throtling or something like that, check those.
  4. It's out for $370 on Amazon right now... I don't think it'll get cheaper than that for at least 6 months.
  5. Oh, by the way, the Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 is really cheap right now for only $370. Then a lotta people will order it and the price will go to 400~430$ for a while, then go back down again, etc, repeat.
  6. It was released on the nVidia event on September 18th. The real sales began about 1~2 weeks after that. The prices are high because the demand is very high and the supply is... not enough (or companies don't want it to be) so, until the demand decreases a little bit, the prices will still be high (at least higher than what it was supposed to be). "Why anything new is overpriced for a few months after it's launched" is self-explanatory.
  7. I'm not an expert on headphones. I'd say any closed headphone from Sennheiser or Audio Technica are good options. If you need headsets, I'd say the HyperX Cloud, Astro A40, Vengeance 1500 are all good options. I personally like how comfy the A40 and V1500 are. And, as most sound experts from the forum say, a sound card isn't really a good option... onboard audio is usually good enough (and more) so, if you want better audio, you need a DAC+Amp combo. But I wouldn't bother with this for gaming/movies/music only.
  8. To be honest, don't worry with 7.1 surround on headphones. The distance between the driver (driver, in singular, as most headsets have simulated surround) and your tympanic membrane is too small to even be able to get the difference from a 2.0 stereo headphone. Even on real surround, it's not worth it. From personal experience, I have the V2100 which has "7.1 dolby surround" uuuuhhh! I never use it. The Stereo 2.0 is better overall... and friends of mine that own other surround headphones/headsets tell the same: the difference in games (positional audio) is almost none. Sometimes the bass/explosions are a little "louder" but it has nothing to do with the surround capabilities. My advice: get a headphone + mic combo, it's the best bang for the buck. If you want a headset, just stay away from razer and look for steelseries, corsair and astro products. That's just my opinion from personal experience and taking about a month when I had to choose my headset. Best of luck.
  9. But isn't that like a motherboard speaker that can only play those "8-bit sounds"? I need a speaker that can play frequencies of 30Hz and under... I'm trying to cancel/filter/attenuate the sound of a spinning fan from a home-made power supply.
  10. I've been playing with tone() and tune() but those seem to need frequencies and notes... I'm trying to play a file, without having to figure out the frequency every X miliseconds... By the way, did you use a speaker like this: ? Thanks anyway!
  11. Hello everybody, I have little DSP (Digital Signal Processing) project going on in college and I'd like some tips/code, if you have any. I am implementing an adaptative filter using the LSM algorithm on the Arduino. However, due to the board's limitations, I can't do the real-time adaptative filter so, what I'm going to do is just do all the calculation in SimuLink/MATLab on the computer and just export the sound file to filter what I need it to filter. It's not gonna be an adaptative filter anymore, rather, it'll just be a regular filter but it will do the trick. What I need help with is how to play the sound files and in which extension it should be. I've been studying for a while and google, arduino guides and tutorials kind of help but, anyway, I'm still suffering because it doesn't want to work. Maybe I have a bad speaker but, either way, if you have any experience with playing sounds with the Arduino or know a good source of information, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
  12. That build is fine, I would just add an SSD. SSDs rock ballz.
  13. Yeah, black and white. And, as far as I can see, it's gonna be pretty easy to do some modding in the future. Also, the Primo is gigantic, it's made to fit, what, 17 480mm radiators and hard to make the air move inside.
  14. I own the Enthoo Luxe White. Those LEDs outside and some LEDs behind the mobo. Beautiful piece of metal.
  15. @OP this should help http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/226649-the-perfect-pc-build-guide/
  16. @OP, as others have said, the cheapest the memory, the better - as long as it's from known brands. If you can't afford 2x4GB kits, get only one 4GB module now and, when you can, get a second one. However, I really think you should try to squeeze a 2x4GB kit into your build, it's not that more expensive to be honest (I used german pcpartpicker, it's the closest country to Finland). Sorry but I almost cried when I read this. Thank you for that :lol:
  17. No compliments this time, I'm amazed! And yeah, weenie teens and little kids deserve their place on the interwebs as well! C ya
  18. BaSkA

    LoL VS. DotA 2?

    There's hate between BF and CoD, different MMOs, different Survival games, etc. Why not MOBAs too? Anyway, I think both are good games (I mean, Guinsoo works at LoL, right?) but they have different audiences. I think LoL is for younger people but I could be wrong, I don't know the numbers for that '-'
  19. Damn, you mad bro? But I love cunts ! Come on, don't get angry at me over the interwebs, "grown up guy", I'm not a kid anymore, I'm a teenager, lmao! Fact and evidence... - wat? For me, you implied something very dumb saying that "$50 might be expensive to you [not to me]". That's not personal opinion, rather, it's one's social/economical position. I guess poor people have the option to choose what's expensive or not. So if something is expensive to me, and not to you, then my "personal opinion" is weird, right? Not sure if you meant that the way I understood it or not but, either way, try to not be a "dirty mouth". Unless you need that, then sure, I feel you.
  20. Started watching Ao No Exorcist and it's a lotta fun so far. Too bad they finished it prematurely... but the manga is still going on and I love manga so there's that
  21. Slightly OC'd would mean I'd say make a 4790k reach 4.4~4.7GHz - depends a lot on the silicon lottery. 3D modelling and working with videos is demanding, but it depends on how much you'll be doing it. The difference between an i5-4690k and an i7-4790k while video rendering, for example, is not going to be how good it will look, just how fast it'll process everything that has to be done. If you can afford it, go for it, if you can spend the money elsewhere, the i5 will be fine for pretty much anything casual, not professional.
  22. I believe there are polls available on the forum... And the best CPU Air Coolers are the ones many different sites reviewed as so
  23. I sleep about 4~5 hours per night on weekdays. Engineering ain't for everybody .
  24. Am I the only one here who can sleep anytime of the day, no problems whatsoever? I guess you become a zombie at the end of a semester in which you get up at 6AM and get back home at 7PM.