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  1. So I guess I am going for the Sandisk SSD Plus 120GB haha Thanks for the help guys! - Question B)
  2. Hi, I'm searching for the 'best' (120GB+) SATA SSD under €60,- or $67,- USD. The Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB seems okay but has a lot of controller problems (not getting the advertised speeds etc), and the Crucial MX100 128GB seems really good but it's about €70,- or $78,- USD here in the Netherlands... I do not care about the power consumption of the drive, nor encryption support. If you find a suitable SSD, please search on these (Dutch) websites for the price/availability: https://azerty.nl/ https://www.mycom.nl/ Thanks in andvance, - Question B)
  3. I have heard about that problem... but I'm installing 7 so that won't be a problem Thanks for everything tho - Question
  4. Windows is installing right now, Universal USB Installer did the trick. Really weird that Rufus didn't work and Universal USB Installer did But thanks for all the help guys! - Question
  5. You mean, have I tried installing Windows 10 on the machine I'm having problems with? No... As I said in my OP, Vista works just fine, I can burn a Vista ISO on a DVD and it boots directly from it... Doubt it would work but I will give it a try Nice budget build btw A Intel Pentium 530 :rolleyes: - Question
  6. I already tried booting from a USB several times and without success... So than the optical drive is the only solution right? - Question
  7. I used it a lot back in the day but ever since all my computers at home are running Windows 10 the application just won't install... - Question (I'm using Rufus to make all my bootable USBs now)
  8. The components are pretty old, motherboard is from 2006. But the PC in it's whole was build around 2 or 3 days ago (I'm trying to get rid of all my old hardware that's laying around so I'm building PC's and reselling them) And I guess it has the ability to boot from a USB, but it's just now working for some strange reason. Only successful boot was with a Vista installation DVD. - Question
  9. Hi, So I've been trying to install Windows 7 on this old machine of mine but with no success... The only thing it has booted so far is a Vista bootable DVD... Specifications: MSI 848P Neo-V Maxtor 4R080L0 TSST Corp CDDVDW SH (don't know the exact model...) AMIBIOS v6.2 Things that are not the problem (aka tested and working): - DVD itself - USB stick - Optical drive - Windows 7 ISO file Got an idea? Please share it... - Question
  10. wait... I don't quite understand that... It's just a normal case. Thanks, and thanks for the info But I only got 2 fan slots, one in the front, and one in the back.
  11. So i'm not really sure how I should to position my case fans... This is the case.. derp. So I've got 2 fan slots (a block represents a fan slot). They both allow fans up to 80mm. So how should I do this? 1. Rear intake, front intake? 2. Rear intake, front exhaust? 3. Rear exhaust, front exhaust? 4. Rear exhaust, front intake? - Question
  12. Hi, So I got a couple of fans laying around and I am wondering if the amperage has something to do with the maximium rpm of the fan? I got for example fan 1 that's rated 0.15A and fan 2 that's rated 0.6A. Does this mean that fan 2 spins at a higher rpm and therefor is louder than fan 1? Please let me know... :rolleyes: - Question
  13. Well... I now got my PC back to normal (2x2 and 2x1, 6GB Total) and I found out the dim had an error (checked it with memtest86+). That dim is going on my 'defect components shelf'. Thanks for all the help! Question