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  1. About 6 months ago I purchased the Swiftech H220x for my i7 4790k with the intention of expanding into a custom loop sometime down the road. That time has now come and I'm looking for advice as I'm completely new to water cooling. I currently have 2 R9 280x's in crossfire and I know to include these in the loop would require the addition of a 2nd radiator so I've considered upgrading to a single GPU (perhaps a 980) and including the 980 and my 4790k on the radiator that came with the h220x. My system is white and red themed and I heard that generally red coolant isn't a great idea as it can st
  2. I have an R9 280x graphics card and a 1080p monitor but the optimize feature within AMD's Gaming Evolved app always attempts to change my games to 720p. Why does it do this? Also, is there any way I can fix this? Thanks.
  3. Currently I'm running a 1TB Mechanical HDD in my overkill rig and it feels shameful (i7 4790k; 2x R9 280x's, 16GB RAM). I think it's time to upgrade to an SSD. I'd like to get a 500gb drive to store OS + my favorite games. I don't plan on running the popular SSD + HDD combo because I'd like absolutely everything I do to experience the speed of an SSD. So what's the current go-to SSD for speed, reliability and price? Thanks. Btw I'm not looking for a definite answer of what to pick up; just looking to find a good starting point when picking out a new drive.
  4. I'm thinking of building a budget PC to compliment my main rig. I'll primarily use it for LANs with my buddies playing games like Battlefield, Minecraft, modded skyrim, etc. Any suggestions? I'd like to keep it in the $500 range and dont worry about a hard drive; I already have one lying around and I plan on overclocking the G3258 (hence the decent motherboard). http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FwXT99
  5. I already own all of it; sorry on my phone and don't know how to reply to specific comments
  6. Ive got a few hundred $ available to invest into my gaming PC, what upgrades do you guys recommend? (Load times don't really bother me, I'm more interested with in game performance; hence no SSD). Thanks! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/y3Yzgs
  7. I've considered that CPU but with no hyperthreading the two cores could really be a problem.
  8. Hey everybody, how well would the core i3 4160 perform in modern games? I know it's only a dual core but it features hyper threading allowing it to operate like a quad core. (I don't know much about CPU architecture so go easy). Can I expect decent performance? Thanks.
  9. Yes I can see it, but a xeon is not practical for gaming and the total cost is $826 when I specifically said $700
  10. What? A Xeon and total cost is $826? Can't tell if you're trolling or not
  11. Hey guys, looking to build a "strictly for gaming" Mini-ITX machine capable of pumping out the high fidelity frames at 1080p. I've thrown this build together, any ideas/suggestions? Not planning to overclock for improved thermals (Hence the "non-k" 4690,) please don't recommend an SSD, I'd rather have 1TB of slow storage than 120GB for the same price. Thanks for your input. (Budget is $700) http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FDgC99
  12. NO AA FXAA MSAAx4 MSAAx8 TXAA Most people saying it wont run is stupid people trying to "max it out" not knowing the game looks the same/better on FXAA and will run smooth as butter. Thanks! I was worried about the same thing. (Not defending Ubisoft, they're shit; had to make that clear)