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    MSI Tomahawk X299
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    Nvidia P4000
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    Coolermaster HAF 932
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    Samsung 960 EVO M.2
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    RX 850
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    H100i V2

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  1. Gmoneyinthebank

    Rasp. Pi3 as 3D print hardware

    Use Octoprint https://octoprint.org/
  2. Gmoneyinthebank

    How do you pronounce "M.2" ?

    I pronounce it "Me Two". People don't like it when I change them from a SATA HD to M.2 NVMe and call it their #MeToo moment.
  3. Gmoneyinthebank

    Experiences with non-techies

    The CEO of a CAD Design company told me he didn't understand why the internet at his building was so slow.... "I have a T1 line".
  4. Gmoneyinthebank

    Mid rig for Engineering and light gaming

    -Change CPU... Get the highest clock speed you can afford with over 4 cores. -You only need a "Certified" GPU for Solidworks if you're going to use the rendering tools. -M2000M is a laptop card... Get a Quadro P1000 instead.
  5. Gmoneyinthebank

    Jankiest Thing You've Done?

    I bought and installed a $10 CD/DVD drive. Then I couldn't get it to work properly due to driver issues. Then I just made an ISO of the "CD I needed to read" using another computer, so I didn't need it anymore. Now I have a CD drive that only opens, closes, and spins CD's, but doesn't read any information off them.
  6. Gmoneyinthebank

    pc key switch mod

    If you put two in series, then it's like a nuke console and you have to turn both at the same time to turn it on
  7. Gmoneyinthebank

    What exactly are the requriments for machine learning?

    It's a potential bottleneck but it's high enough that it's unlikely to ever matter to an independent programmer learning ML. My advice is to get the 2060 and take the extra $100 to get an Nvidia Nano. He's better off getting started ML/AI programming on a developer board and buying dedicated gaming equipment.
  8. Gmoneyinthebank

    What exactly are the requriments for machine learning?

    Nvidia just released the nano developer board for $99. Comes with a Navier Stokes 3D incompressable fluid simulation package in their Jetpack. https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/buy/jetson-nano-devkit That being said... Pretty much any computer can be used for ML. Ex: Tensorflow has a CPU only version that is free
  9. Gmoneyinthebank

    What happens if you dont swap fluid out?

    Bacteria will grow inside the reservoir, evolution will take over, a civilization will be created in the loop, and it will eventually take control of your system.... That's how computers get viruses.
  10. Gmoneyinthebank

    Cool stuff I will never afford

    Don't feel too bad... Linus can't even afford most of the stuff in the videos. It's all given free from the manufacturers for his commercials cough cough, I mean "reviews".
  11. Gmoneyinthebank

    is water cooling a 17 year old pc worth it?

    NewEgg has AIO watercooler kits that will fit on socket 775 and Water Cooler blocks for a custom loop. It's only "Worth it" if you want a basically non-functional computer for some reason
  12. Gmoneyinthebank

    Why do we talk about RAM in Mhz still?

    Plebs... I've been calling it 3.2 x 10^18 Nano Hertz RAM for years now
  13. Gmoneyinthebank

    YouTube recommendations are getting EXTREMELY aggressive

    Hint: it's all about money. Advertisers and the Producers are paying YouTube a boat load of money to get the content they want in your recommended list.
  14. Gmoneyinthebank

    After Watercooling, Would You Do it Again?

    Nope. The best justification I've seen so far for water cooling is "It looks cool" or "I want it to be a little quieter". Doing a lot of extra work and getting almost no practical benefit out of it sounds like a bozo move. When I'm using my computer I'm looking at the monitor and listening to my stereo. I've got 7 fans (6 case and 1 GPU), I run them at 100% all the time, and I've never noticed the sound with them running.
  15. Gmoneyinthebank

    CAD computer assembly WHICH GPU?

    Unless something has changed, Solidworks visualize won't function without a workstation graphics card because of driver comparability issues.