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  1. RAM: Get Kingston HyperX RAM - they have a lifetime warranty and they're really cheap. SSD: You really can't go wrong with the Intel 330 series - I think the sweetspot right now is the 180 GB model. CPU cooler: CM Hyper 212 Evo or the Hyper 212X would cool that FX8350 decently, but if you need better cooling look at the Noctua NH-D14 or that Phanteks dual tower heatsink - the best air coolers out there and they in cooling performance are inbetween the H80i and H100i, but they cost a lot less. One thing to remember is you don't get PCIe 3.0 support with the AMD processor.
  2. Mostly for desire. I was looking at Steelseries Sensei RAW and Cyborg R.A.T. 5. It's been used alot - rubber on the sides wears off.
  3. Right now i'm thinking this or a new mouse for around the same price to replace my good old mx518.
  4. At least it's quiet. I've got family members that sleep at night, not like me chat and sit in tech forums.
  5. mono

    Favourite mousepad?

    Steelseries OcK+ best mouspad ever! :D
  6. oh not cherry :D Mechanical - then still good even if not cherry?
  7. I was looking for a mechanical keyboard on amazon.co.uk and i found this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Zalman-ZM-K500-USB-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B00A53LCQ8/ref=sr_1_44?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1358886020&sr=1-44 Seems to be cherry MX red, tenkeyless. But what surprised me was the price - 34.87 GBP. So is it really a mechanical keyboard? Worth buying if currently using a membrane keyboard that i like? And are MX Red's good, i had previously looked into MX Brown keyboards, but my budget is very low right now, just got a new pc. Or can anyone suggest a MX Brown keyboard that costs dirt like this one?
  8. Bought a used PS3 to play Uncharted games, God of War, L.A. Noire, NHL games, Red Dead Redemption, other console only games. Sold everything now and got a new IPS monitor. Great experience though, kinda wish i still had it - i played ir rarely, but it was sure fun with friends. Maybe i'll get a next gen console, when they are on sale/drop price/used. Soo mainly PC - but consoles are good for exclusives, and party play.
  9. One time a guy asked me "If you know so much about computers - what is the electrical resistance to a intel processor? I you don't know the answer you don't know anything." I laughed so hard. :DDD Then someone asked me: "Put android on my nokia 5320 xpressmusic please." My teacher uses Windows Media Player - she shows us a video of bees then to close it she presses go to library and then only closes the window. My grandma didn't shut her monitor off before the pc had turned off - she thought if she powered off the monitor the pc wouldn't work again next time. :D At least i explained how things work to her.
  10. Run it from your DP port on your videocard.
  11. If it's a CD-ROM just get a DVD drive - no adapter shit.
  12. Best case ever... If i just had the money... I'd load it up with EVGA SR-X + Dual Xeons + 4 way SLI GTX 680 and run it all watercooled with a 480 mm rad on top and a 360 mm rad on the front.
  13. Let's see what happens - at least AMD is good with the graphics side of things. Still waiting what they will bring with steamroller - hoping for good performance per core, and good performance in games.
  14. That won't solve the problem. It's gonna be using my CPU, and not take advantage of CUDA at all.
  15. Gigabyte GTX 660 OC edition - my first PC. :D
  16. So i have a problem when i try to render my video. I choose the GPU to render my movie - and then an unknown error pops out. Shame - CUDA was one of the reasons i went with nvidia. I have the latest drivers installed (not the beta ones). Anyone got a solution?
  17. mono

    Strategy games

    What strategy games do you like guys? I'm personally really waiting the SimCity game to come out - looks like a great simulation. Playing Empire: Total War alot.
  18. He probably doesn't edit stuff on that PC at all. I think that PC for him is just for like sitting down and surfing the web, playing some games when he has time - and for the enjoyment of building it. But he doesn't really have that much free time i think - baby and stuff...
  19. I prefer MSI though i use myself a gigabyte motherboard and videocard - msi was out of stock and i needed the motherboard. For motherboards MSI because - they look great, have good features, are good price/performance, example - MSI Z77A-GD55. For videocards they're all great but the early Power Editions from MSI on GTX 660 Ti and GTX 670 kicked everyones ass. Personally i use a videocard with a windforce cooler - cools great.
  20. People who should be interested in that kind of case must be running an EVGA SR-X mobo atleast dual graphics and dual cpu's all watercooled. If you don't have a system like that 800D all the way. And 4 USB3 ports? Maybe on LGA 1150 or an Extreme edition Haswell mobos they will have dual USB3 headers - who knows.
  21. I don't think there is a big difference anyways. If 80 plus silver has a notable difference in price as 80 plus gold, i'd go with the silver one. Platinum is just soo overpriced.
  22. What motherboard are you using? :D 7870's SLI a dedicated PhysX card and upgrading to GTX 680 why? Just get 2 GTX 660's and SLI them. Newegg had a benchmark about this - 2 GTX 660's are better than a single GTX 680. http://youtu.be/Iy5478lBais
  23. Just for FPS i'd choose the HD 7870. But GTX 660, has nvidia features (CUDA, PhysX, etc.), AND better frame latency. Using a GTX 660 myself - a great card.
  24. For gaming and single threaded apps it's better to choose an i5. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/697?vs=701