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    Hello y'all! I'm here to help, but also to learn!
  1. Hey guys! It's been awhile since I posted a thread. 4K Monitors are coming very soon and I was wondering what would you guys rather have if you had the luxury of having 3 GTX Titans. Having 3 LC Titans in your system looks very nice, and also generates a lot of computing power. Would 4K resolution hold back these three titans? I'm sure 2 titans would be enough but three titans just look better. Or would 4K take advantage of all three titans, because I know 7680 x 1600 would. Sorry if the wording was odd.
  2. Hello everyone. I've had this Logitech G15 gen 1 for quite sometime and it's in pretty rough shape. The back-light isn't all that bright, and it's dirty. How much would this thing be worth since it's a really nice keyboard that isn't for sale anymore?
  3. Say, I'm running a 30 inch monitor. I have a 7970 and it runs everything at that resolution perfectly fine. If I get a new monitor to look at temperatures, skype, or twitch chat while I play games, will I drop frame rates? Is it significant?
  4. This is a pretty outrageous topic, but it doesn't hurt to know! Using a LSI 9271-8iCC with 8 256gb SSDs, what would be the best SSD to choose? When I say "best" I mean best performance both reads and writes and also how long they would last, and the warranty. I'm thinking of something like a Vertex 4?
  5. I would suggest a 60D or 650D like Mo5 suggested. I wouldn't go for a 5D Mark ii or iii and NOT take stills, no point. The 60D and 650D have flippy screens which allow you to get tight shots and when computer building, it's nice to see whats in the frame. I've seen countless videos where the person goes out of frame, and has no idea. Invest in some good L lenses if you have the money. Those will last you forever, and maybe in the future you can upgrade to a better body like said 5D mark iii. Some lenses I would suggest if you have the money are the 50mm F/1.2 or 1.4. And a nice zoom lens like
  6. I have an old school jumbo Playstation 2 which is sitting in front of the TV doing nothing. We, the family, usually use it when there is a ton of guest over, and we play Rock Band. Other than that, I still prefer to game on a PC.
  7. "It's a case, it's made out of metal..and uh no it's a sizable case. I think that they uh.. You know the biggest thing is, people seem to think that uh, a lot of people in the industry don't like each other because of somebody's a competitor but I think you have to have some mutual respect there? You know, it's like they do what they do, they've gotten to the size that they have gotten to because of the fact that they have been able to make good products, so...There's respect." -Josh from Fractal Design ;)
  8. If one was running 8 SSDs, what would be the maximum capacity one can use?(128gb, 256gb, 512gb)
  9. When you're using a really big RAID configuration, such as 8x 256GB OCZ Vertex 4s, would there be a big difference going from RAID0 to RAID5. Big enough to the point where you would use RAID0 for the extra performance?(BTW using a LSI 9265-8i)
  10. Hello everyone! I have recently been looking at RAID setups. I would like to learn more about RAID. To jump right into the question, what makes an SSD good for big RAID configurations using a RAID card, like Linus. He has 8 Corsair Force series SSDs in RAID..5 I believe. How will RAID 5 benefit daily usage? Why didn't he go with a RAID0 setup and have a mass backup plan? Please do not suggest watching his video about different types of RAIDs. Is there any limitations? Any suggestions on what SSDs to use for a huge 8 drive RAID0 setup to get the BEST performance? Again, I'm a beginner when it
  11. Looks like I'll be gone from this forum :/ Unless 14 year olds are acceptable.
  12. The thing is, he has a Home Server. I'm pretty sure he would use that for storage. The only thing I can see is RAID.