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    Still in school


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    AMD FX-6300/ i5 7600K @4,5GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock 980/ MSI Z270 Tomahawk
  • RAM
    2x4GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3/ 2x4GB Corsair LPX DDR4
  • GPU
    Club 3D R9 280x
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    1TB Seagate 7200 RPM/ WD Blue 240GB
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    Corsair VS550
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    BenQ 1080p 60Hz
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    Alpenföhn Ben Nevis
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    Sharkoon Skiller Pro
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    Sharkoon Shark Force
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    Hyperx Cloud
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    Windows 10

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  1. FreshKD21

    PC not booting

    Thank you both for your help (the PSU i was talking about is from be quiet which doesnt allow the fans to stop, ive come to the conclusion that the PSU is dead) and now what my solution was: i connected the power button.... Yeah i know sounds dumb, ive tried powering on the motherboard with my screwdriver by shorting the pins (and yes i know which ones to short) and for some god damn reason this motherboard just doesnt like my screwdriver this is the first time ive needed a power button connector
  2. FreshKD21

    PC not booting

    Hey, i have a friends pc over because he told me it didnt work, it seemed like the cpu isnt getting any power (no debug leds are lighting up just the ambient leds) no fans are spinning either. I tested the CPU (i7 6700K) and RAM (G.Skill TridentZ) both are working in my system, we swapped the motherboard (Asus Z170 Pro Gaming) for a completely new one i just noticed that the fan of his be quiet PSU isnt spinning (which it should!) But this doesnt seem to be the problem either as i hooked his motherboard up to my PSU. Please i need help because i dont know what else it could be i literally tried everything i know
  3. FreshKD21

    Graphicscard faulty?

    Could you tell me what to look for in PSUs? Because i just look at the CXM and TXM and tell myself 'why should i pay 10€ more just to have an T instead of an C because they literally look the same (atleast for me)
  4. FreshKD21

    Graphicscard faulty?

    My budget would probably as low as it gets (maximum would be 90€ but it has to be really good then), i would like to have a modular one because i hate having all those molex cables in my way ^^. How much more do modular PSUs cost? I would be fine with a no name PSU as long as it does its job
  5. FreshKD21

    Graphicscard faulty?

    Well i think its time for a new PSU then (wanted to OC my Vega and if this happens at stock i can say goodbye to any OC). Do you have any recommendations that are cheap and enough for a Vega OC?
  6. FreshKD21

    Graphicscard faulty?

    So is it just a Vega thing? Because i overclocked the hell out of my R9 280X and this never happened, i easily went above 300W with that
  7. FreshKD21

    Graphicscard faulty?

    It has 550w right? Where is the problem, the Vega doesnt draw more than 230W on Stock settings
  8. FreshKD21

    Graphicscard faulty?

    Hey, i just bought myself a new RX Vega 56, it has been running quite good the past few days but recently i played some more demanding games, after a few minutes my PC would crash. At first i thought it might have been a problem with my ram xmp (i upgraded ram at the same time) but it wasnt the problem. Now ive been experimenting with AMD Wattman and tried lowering the power limit, ive gone down as low as -50% because it kept crashing with -25% and or anything but -50%. I had a R9 280X before and didnt have the same problems, my specs are i5 6600K (stock), Corsair VS550 (the yellow/orange one not the silver one), 2x8GB & 2x4GB Vengeance LPX, Asus Vega 56 Arez/Strix, MSI Z270 Tomahawk. I hope any of you can help me and thanks in advance!
  9. Hey, recently my onboard audio stopped working, the device manager detects the Realtek devices, i didnt change anything and my onboard audio controller is activated in the BIOS. My graphicscard still gives me audio this way im able to plug in my headset into my monitor (cant plug in my microphone tho) ive tried both front and back slots with no result. Thanks in advance! Edit: I have an Z270 MSI Tomahawk if that info helps
  10. Hey, im having a problem where there is no sound besides of a peeping on my headset and on my in-ears, its somewhat only on the aux devices, both my displayport monitors speakers aswell as my tvs hdmi speakers are working. Please help! Edit: My headset microphone isnt working either
  11. And what would that be?
  12. FreshKD21

    Having problems installing Windows

    Its the only icon that mentions my intenso slim drive, ive used the windows tool from the Microsoft website, are there any problems with outdated versions or such?
  13. FreshKD21

    Having problems installing Windows

    Hey, ive recently bought an SSD and went ahead and threw win10 on my usb drive and tried to install it, but my computer just doesnt want to recognize my boot drive, ive set the boot options to my usb drive (attached in the pictures below). My motherboard recognizes the usb drive but doesnt want to boot from it, tried it with both windows and linux but i dont even get into any screen thats related to installing any of them, please Help!