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  1. Back when I was first getting into tech, I thought my PC was being slow because of the (10 year old) hard drives running at 7.2k rpm, but I did know that Western Digital sold 10k rpm drives. I thought that this extra speed would be all I needed, but didn't realize that it was probably because my PC was so old and running pretty slow hardware by today's standards. Now I have a much newer 5.4k rpm hard drive as my main/boot drive with decent hardware, and it's plenty fast for what I do. Boot times could definitely be improved, but it's surprisingly quick in pretty much everything else.
  2. Can't believe I got the Corolla only a year ago, it feels like way longer!
  3. The In Win 303 should serve you pretty well, and it looks nice as well. I actually have the 101 which is a slightly smaller version of the 303, and I haven't had any space or airflow issues. The 303's airflow definitely isn't the greatest when compared to other PC cases, but it should do just fine.
  4. I get your point, but there's no way in hell I'm paying over $100 for an OEM spoiler, especially not before looking for a Corolla S at a junkyard near me. Besides, with the paint the way it is, I haven't got much of a justification for it anyway
  5. What do you guys think about small pedestal or ducktail spoilers? I kind of like the look of the OEM 9th gen Corolla S spoiler, and I'm considering whether or not to get one. Would a ducktail spoiler be tasteful as well, or would it push the car closer to ricer territory?
  6. I keep most of the old computer parts I have because they're too old and weak to be used in a PC, but too new to be worth anything to collectors. And then there's stuff like DVD/CD drives and old hard drives because I don't know when I might need them. I actually have an IDE drive made in 2002 that's still running strong, and I use it from time to time as a temp drive for files too big for a flash drive.
  7. You can't cool a CPU that way simply because it outputs too much heat. This does remind me of the one time I tried it out though, it was with an Nvidia 7300 LE, a very old card that had a tiny heatsink and no fan. When I played games on it, the card reached 80 degrees Celsius and it idled at about 60C; turns out the thermal paste had dried out completely and there was a pretty sizeable air gap between the GPU and the heatsink, so blowing compressed air onto it was able to lower the temps to around 50C. Definitely wouldn't try it again with a more modern card though.
  8. One of my friends also has a Corolla and the wheel gap looks just like when mine was stock. According to my dad, the car's never had the springs replaced, but I've always thought it was odd that the Corolla had such strange wheel fitment. Nearly every new car I see on the road today has the same wheel fitment as mine, even though I have 2 inch lowering springs with enough room to drop it another inch...
  9. Was looking through some old photos, and I realized just how ridiculous the wheel gap on the Corolla was before I got lowering springs, almost looked like the thing was ready for offroading! Before: After:
  10. I was out collecting data with the Corolla today and as I was adjusting tire pressures, I noticed that the engine would start making a knocking sound for about 2 seconds before the radiator fan turned on. I'd say it sounded similar to the shuddering noise an engine makes when it's about to stall at low rpms. Does anybody know what might be causing this, or if it's a sign of something going bad? I'll try to post a video of it tomorrow if I have time.
  11. I've always thought it would be awesome to turbocharge the Corolla, but I'll have nowhere near enough money to do it until after I finish college. What parts of the engine break when you give it too much boost? The main parts I think of are the con rods from higher cylinder pressure and pistons melting or having detonation due to a possibly leaned-out AFR. Is there anything else I'm forgetting?
  12. In my experience, having an unactivated copy of Windows 10 doesn't affect the functionality at all. What customization options are you looking for? You can still change the desktop background by right clicking on an image file, and there's not much else I've seen in the way of customization.
  13. I would just get a single 256GB M.2 drive, since the speed benefits offered by Raid 0 don't have as much of a noticeable impact when used with SSDs that are already very fast. The RAM looks good, but are you sure you need 32GB? You'd be able to reduce costs a bit if you decide to go with 16GB instead.
  14. No, only one operating system will load. If you try to access files from the hard drive then it should act like any regular storage device.
  15. Just picked up Assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally 2.0 on Steam as part of their Autumn sale, they're 5 and 18 dollars respectively if anybody else is interested in them. I've been eyeing them for a while but they've always been a bit too expensive when not on sale, so I'm pretty excited to try them out!
  16. Picked up a Logitech G29 from Best Buy on their Black Friday sale, and I absolutely love it. I've been playing Project Cars 2 with it for a couple days and it's so addicting; does anybody else on here play PC2?
  17. I'm finally getting around to fixing the paint on the Corolla, just sticking to redoing some of the clear coat for now as a (sort of) quick fix. I've been playing around with the idea of doing a vinyl wrap though... that would probably look pretty cool.
  18. I'm doing a physics investigation for school on how different tire pressures affect the amount of frictional forces generated inside the tires, and I'll be driving on a short, straight road with very little traffic to record my data. I was wondering though, what tire pressures would be considered "safe" to drive on for these short tests? Maybe 15 to 40psi?
  19. Saw a Ford GT irl for the first time today, and right in front of me no less
  20. I drive a 2004 Toyota Corolla with a manual transmission, and I love it. Stop and start traffic, which is one of the most common reasons I hear for people not liking to use manuals, isn't bothersome to me at all. My first car had an auto trans, but I started learning to drive stick about a month after I got my learner's permit. I live in the USA if that makes any difference.
  21. I was looking through some of the photos I took at some car meets over the summer, and I saw that the NSX in this pic had what looked like a welded metal front splitter. I'm just curious, how would having such a thick and heavy splitter affect it's functionality, compared to one made of carbon fiber?
  22. Don't worry, they're Eibach lowering springs, and I got Koni Yellow shocks/struts over the summer. I haven't installed the Koni Yellows yet because I was waiting to get the new springs first, but I got them because @bcredeur97 mentioned that they would be good if I ever wanted to switch from stock suspension.
  23. Just ordered some nice lowering springs for the Corolla, can't wait to install them! I was also bored today, so I got a cone air filter and some tubing and decided to make a cold air intake, I'll post pics once it's finished.
  24. Thinking about vinyl wrapping the Corolla in the near future, maybe with white. Tbh anything I do to it will make it look better than it already does.