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  1. @Eduard the weeb okay definitely will consider that option.
  2. @DingOnMy40 Okay I will check out my pcpartpicker list to see which parts are on sale right now.
  3. @herman mcpootis I plan to play PUBG, and some other games and surf the internet.
  4. What's an excellent motherboard to buy for the ryzen 7 1700?
  5. @Totalschaden1997 Thank you for answering my question.
  6. @Himommies So thermal paste already comes pre applied to it?
  7. What thermal paste do I need to buy for the cooler master master lite AIO?
  8. @phongle123 Since you got your new tempered glass how is your new pc doing?
  9. @Busconian I know what you mean. There are no roads that connect Alaska with the United States.
  10. @phongle123 I'm sorry to hear that customer service hasn't gotten back in touch with you yet. Hopefully you will hear back from them so.
  11. That must have been heart breaking for you when that happened. Please send the case back immediately and get a new or upgraded version.