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  1. Yeah it is. It's on their website. https://www.amd.com/en/products/specifications/processors/11781,11756,11761,11766,11771
  2. That 12 core 24 thread for half the price and at 60W less TDP... That's amazing. Cannot wait for independent bench marks. That IPC increase is also fantastic.
  3. Stroal

    Samsung announces 3nm MBCFET

    IMO molybdenite seems like a better way forward over graphene.
  4. Stroal

    Samsung announces 3nm MBCFET

    They are using FinFet though currently, and FinFet for 5nm as well. This is a new way of doing GAA at 3nm. We are talking a 40% reduction in power consumption , 40% increase in performance, compared to 7nm FinFet. We are talking sub .75v power consumption. That's nutty.
  5. Intel has known about this since 2007, and ignored it.
  6. Stroal

    Samsung announces 3nm MBCFET

    I don't think it will be much longer. I'm interested to see what's the plan is. It could be stacking, but I doubt we're getting much smaller than 3nm. I'd imagine there is work being done regarding graphene and molybdenite as a way forward. Or at least I hope there is.
  7. Stroal

    Samsung announces 3nm MBCFET

    That's all they do now, but they are the largest semiconductor manufacturing in the world. I'd love to see a collab between them and Intel / AMD. It would benefit both companies. I could at least see them licensing MBCFET, as it seems to be a better way forward over FF.
  8. Stroal

    Samsung announces 3nm MBCFET

    Yeah, I mean it's in the title. But TSMC is using FinFet for their 5nm design. It's nothing really new, just smaller FF.
  9. Stroal

    Samsung announces 3nm MBCFET

    https://www.anandtech.com/show/14333/samsung-announces-3nm-gaa-mbcfet-pdk-version-01 My thoughts: While I think 3nm MBCFET is a ways off for consumer end, this announcement is a game changer, especially considering Intel's current position, their inability to hit 10nm, and considering their rival, AMD, is just starting on 7nm. Hopefully we'll see some collaboration between the 2 major CPU players in regards to this technology, which I think could bring it to the market even faster.
  10. Stroal

    Longest Distance Travelling

    Hey I'm in Glasgow! Sadly I don't think I'll be able to make it. But I'm going to try.
  11. So steam isn't totally dominating the market? Literally all these arguments were used when steam first launched. You HAD to install steam to play CS and HL, you HAD to have steam to play L4D. It's funny how people are ok with exclusives so long as the platform and game are owned by the same company. An exclusive is an exclusive. The only issue people have here is that Epic paid for it, which somehow makes it worse. So the devs get more money, but you have to install epic launcher, and everyone loses their minds. Just don't play the game. It won't be effective, and it won't change anything, but at least you'll know you didn't install the epic launcher. EDIT: Also, exclusivity is the only way to even compete with Steam, it's such a monster that the only way to compete is through exclusives. That's a problem, sure, but don't act like it's some crime against humanity. It's what is required in order to establish yourself as a player in the market, due to the overshadowing monster that is Steam.
  12. Really glad we switched all our VMs to EPYC. Our licensing cost was reduced and now I don't have to worry about this stuff.
  13. Now you're getting into semantics, there are plenty of games on steam that are only on stream because steam is huge. They have a monopoly, and gamers support it. Steam was a huge trash pile for years after it came out, literally everyone hated it. It was nothing like it is today. Platforms take time to develop, and while I don't like these timed exclusives, the fact is I'll still play the games, because I want to support the developers.
  14. Unless the exclusive is to steam, then we support it.
  15. Worked just fine for me, seems the last update was on the 4th of April.