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    ASUS Rampage
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    DDR4 32GB 3466mhz G.skill
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    MSI 1080 ti Sea Hawk EK
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    Define R6 (modded)
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    1 5TB HDD, 1 1TB HDD, 1 500GB SSD, 1 256GB m.2 for OS
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    EVGA 850W P2
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    Acer Predator XB271HU and Acer 144hz cheap boy
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    Custom Loop
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    Corsair K95 Plat (Speed Switches)
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    Razer Deathadder elite
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    Astro a40s
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    Windows 10

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  1. Type C isnt that important unless you want to charge your type c phone or transfer data etc. I would say get something with a 1050ti in at least
  2. With that laptop your looking at around 30fps in tomb raider which to me is unplayable but for some people its ok. If you want 60fps i would recommend a 1060 and 8th gen i5 possibly.
  3. Why not build a matx or mini itx system those are super small.
  4. I think you have a unrealistic point of what your going to get out of+/- 800$ laptops. You would be better off building a 900$ pc
  5. Literally you didnt read your own specs
  6. Neither of those have a 1440p display?
  7. Dreaper

    Cheap solution for nas server?

    Yea they work fine but there are definitely advantages to hardware raid over software raid.
  8. Dreaper

    Remote desktop software

    I remember seeing Synergy as a LTT sponsor they do something like this i believe.
  9. Dreaper

    Cheap solution for nas server?

    You might need a raid card in addition if you dont have one.
  10. Dreaper

    Problem with Water Cooling my GPUs

    Have you checked to make sure that the heat pads are all seated correctly and the block is making full contact?
  11. Alright ill try and skim some of it off from what i can see and go from there
  12. No i made sure to be super careful. The bitspower and barrow fittings are black on the inside though so maybe its just the paint, if so should i worry?
  13. Yes all black fittings. Fittings where screwed and unscrewed multiple times. Thanks for your input!
  14. Alright so i shouldnt need to worry about anything then?