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  1. Windows installation only gives me blue Windows logo.

    Sorry mispost! I found my CPU is not on the supported list.
  2. I've been working on a system recently and the CPU works fine I can get into the BIOS but when I try opening the windows installer on my USB flash drive it only gives me the blue Windows logo and doesn't do anything else. I've tried looking for settings like "CPU protection or saftey", but I don't think there there. Specs Pentium e5800 Intel dq965gf motherboard.
  3. No monitor output even after updating BIOS.

    Oh it says success, and when Windows works just fine with the old CPU.
  4. No monitor output even after updating BIOS.

    It's ok, I have some others that will work
  5. No monitor output even after updating BIOS.

    It's the intel DQ965GF.
  6. I am upgrading an LGA 775 PC from an old core 2 duo 6600 to a core 2 quad q8400. Originally it have me no video output, I tried updating the BIOS, but it has given me the same result after it has finished.
  7. Computer fails to output video after changing CPU.

    I know I would need that... That's why I kept it. but I can't find it now. I'm looking for it. I'll keep you posted when I find it.
  8. I recently upgraded my neighbor's PC to a core 2 quad Q8400. After turning it on it refuses to output video. The fans spin, and there is a light on the motherboard. Specs: Core 2 quad q8400 Intel motherboard nVIDIA GTX 430
  9. Is this compatible with this ?

    No it is not, that Xeon is 771 socket, and the mb is 775.
  10. Is this compatible with this ?

    Try going on https://pcpartpicker.com. pick all the parts you just said, and it will tell you.
  11. Can my BIOS be corrupted?

    Is s dell optiplex motherboard, it does have onboard graphics, but I don't have a display port monitor.
  12. Can my BIOS be corrupted?

    It does not have an onboard video, I tried three different graphics cards... They all give me the same thing.
  13. Can my BIOS be corrupted?

    My computer stopped booting recently. It shows the DELL logo, then gives me a black screen. (Like the monitor is on but it gives me a black screen). I tried booting from a USB, but that gives me about black screen. The BIOS? Same thing. Can you corrupt your BIOS? I did reset it but the way.
  14. I've used my phone for a while now. , And it's worked perfectly. I've recently been testing since hard drives, and after that I've tried to boot back into Windows. Trying to boot directly with the boot menu gives me an infinite loading screen, and geting to the bios gives me a black screen. Any ideas? Ok going to try resetting the BIOS.
  15. Why Intel and WD don't make a partnership for a SSHD?

    An "SSHD" is called a hybrid drive. (By the way)