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  1. They are not bound to AMD completely since nintendo has Nvidia making an apu for the switch since none of the big companies really makes SoC meant for consoles. Anyways, Sony and Mircosoft are stuck with amd since in x86 intel is expensive and does not have good value. AMD is cheaper and offers more power.
  2. Im trying to hackintosh my new bulid

  3. thank you for telling me welcome!

  4. Hello everyone just to brighten someones day im asking how you are doing this fine day?
  5. Hello, I dont work for LMG, but if there is a rog rig reboot they would annouce it and tell you how to sign up for it.
  6. I am a Macbook Pro User, but I also have a desktop Ryzen PC that i will post the score of soon. Anyways here is my Cinebench R20 Score.
  7. imo kinda. Esports most of the time makes games toxic. but sometimes games were meant to be for esports like fortnite.
  8. @WoodenMarker I fixed it turned out there was a bit of a ziptie next to it and i moved it. @WoodenMarker Thanks For Helping!
  9. @WoodenMarker ok let me see if that would work. @WoodenMarker did not work
  10. i am using the stock rgb fans that came with the case. and i did verify that it comes from the front. @WoodenMarker
  11. @WoodenMarker i tried it just it can only go down to 50% and it is still loud
  12. @WoodenMarker it is an Asus b450 prime plus and. my fans are 3pin and plugged into cha fan2
  13. My Case is a Cooler Master Masterbox lite 5 RGB and the case fans are running full speed on idle even though its plugged in into the mobo. Please Help!