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  1. I forget which video it was in, but pewds brought up a very interesting point on why mainstream media likes to constantly bash him and other youtubers. He basically said that, it's obvious that the revenue of mainstream media publications (like the WSJ, NYT, Forbes, etc...) has been decreasing with the rise of the internet. The clicks on their articles have been decreasing, while the clicks on youtubers and youtube videos are increasing. Basically, these publications like to hate on people like Pewds because people like Pewds have been taking viewers away from their articles. Don't know how accurate that is, but it makes sense on the surface...
  2. Sources: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2020/05/05/pewdiepie-signs-deal-with-youtube-despite-history-of-racist-anti-semitic-comments/#44b73a77490a https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-52540437 https://sg.news.yahoo.com/pewdiepie-signs-exclusive-streaming-deal-022531426.html This news is pretty short. Back in 2019, Felix singed an exclusive live streaming deal with dlive.tv where he was able to amass a following of 822k followers. However, his last live stream on that platform was over 4 moths ago. Now, news has come out that he has signed an exclusive live streaming deal to return to Youtube for all of his live content. Felix said in a statement that Felix also said that returning to YouTube just felt like a "natural fit" given he's been on the platform for 10 years. Unsurprisingly, some articles (particularly those published by more "mainstream" press) bring attention to his past controversies that everyone is well aware of. Some articles, particularly the Forbes article, claim that Felix has not suffered any real consequences for his slip-ups and mistakes. The Forbes article writes how this new deal has This is a very touchy topic that I am treading on. I feel like it is appropriate to mention that I am not affiliated with any of the groups of people that Felix's past comments were targeted towards and I have been a fan of Felix's content for many years now. However, I think it is inaccurate to say he didn't suffer any consequences, and I do not think this deal makes all of his past mistakes treated like no big deal. That is my personal opinion. What are you guys' thoughts?
  3. Crysis thread


  4. ****UPDATE**** Crytek officially announced on April 16 that "Crysis Remastered will be coming to PC, Xbox, PlayStation and (surprisingly) Nintendo Switch. Original Post: Sources: http://www.pcgamer.com/a-new-crysis-is-almost-certainly-happening/ https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-04-14-looks-like-crytek-is-teasing-a-crysis-remake https://www.criticalhit.net/gaming/after-three-years-of-silence-the-crysis-twitter-has-reactivated/ When Crytek updated crysis.com to feature a fresh and flashy new rendition of Nomad, fans of Crysis trilogy of games were excited of the prospect of a potential remaster of the acclaimed original Crysis game. Then, their hopes were quickly extinguished when people realized the update came on April 1st and an "April Fool" tag was found in the website's source code. Now, 2 weeks out of April Fools, it is starting to look like this wasn't a joke at all. The "@Crysis" twitter handle, whose last tweet before yesterday was way back on December 13, 2016, has come alive with two new tweets. From PC Gamer: This follows up on a trailer released a month ago by Crytek that showcased a decade of its game engine, "CryEngine." From Eurogamer: All of these small hints seem to point toward a remastered version of the original Crysis. Like the PC Gamer article pointed out, since E3 is cancelled this year, it is not surprising to see game announcements beginning to appear at this time... The original Crysis was well known for pushing the limits of PC hardware at the time and being notoriously difficult to run. As a result, gaming companies have been responding to this news in very clever ways:
  5. Sources: https://www.androidheadlines.com/2020/04/google-is-gifting-stadia-pro-to-some-youtube-premium-subscribers.html https://9to5google.com/2020/04/03/stadia-trial-youtube-premium/ I was catching up on my personal email this morning when I noticed this email: I was curious about it and I decided to read more about this. It turns out that Google has been gifting out 3 month free trials to Youtube Premium subscribers. I was never really followed Stadia that closely and, personally, I'm not that interested in cloud gaming at the time. Then I realized that the only other way to get Stadia is to pay $129 for the "Premiere Edition." So I thought, what the heck, why not. When you redeem the code, you do have to give Google a credit card but, it is not charged until the the 3 month trial is up. After that you have to pay the normal $9.99 subscription fee. What surprised me even more is that the trial comes with 9 games for free. I don't know if every trial is coming with the same games or not, but my trial came with the following: Destiny 2: The Collection, GRID, GYLT, Serious Sam Collection, Spitlings, Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks), SteamWorld Dig 2, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gigamech, and Thumper. , What's interesting about this is, as the Android Headlines article is reporting that: Apparently, according to most articles, the majority of these trials were being given to people with Youtube Premium in the UK. However, I am in the US and I got the email almost 24 hours ago. There are no real reports on how Google is determining who gets these trials right now. It could be random. However, if I had to speculate, I'd guess that Google is choosing people who watch, or have shown interest in gaming and tech related content on Youtube (because the most definitely have that data). This would make sense because I bet Google is hoping to get people, like myself, who had no interest in Stadia (let alone paying $129 for it) to give the service a chance and then hope they continue to pay for the service once the trial is up. Anyways, that's all there really is for this topic. There isn't really a lot of information about this as of now. If anybody else received a trial offer, reply to this thread. I'm curious to to see how many people are receiving these offers. Let me know if I missed anything or got anything incorrect.
  6. I agree, I don't there is a hardware problem with it considering there is no explanation on why there would be a hardware issue. My question is what should I do now? I have already preformed a system reset so there are absolutely no other programs on it other than the ones that Razer ships it with from the factory.
  7. Hey, I've run into a really weird problem (again) with my Blade 15". One time, I just booted it up and the keyboard was completely unresponsive. The track-pad, touchscreen (because its the 4k touch model) were all functional, and I could also connect an external keyboard which would work fine. I checked device manager and noticed there was an error under USB controllers relating to an "Unknown USB controller" device descriptor request failed error. I assumed this was probably the keyboard. I contacted Razer support and they told me to run the Intel Driver & Support update utility. After I did that, the keyboard started working again. However, after I had to restart it, the keyboard ceased to work again. Weird. So, I contacted support again and the assistant told me to preform a system reset and reinstall Windows using the recovery image Razer builds in. So I did that which did not solve my problem, but improved it a little. The USB error in device manager disappeared and a few keys on my keyboard started working. However, the majority of the other keys did not work. At this point, support told me I needed to send my device in for repair, which is where I caved. This isn't my first issue I've had with my Blade. Before this, I had the touchscreen randomly stop working and I got a Code 45 error in Device Manager. I was told to send it in for repair and it took them 1 week to tell me they didn't have a replacement screen in stock and then it took over 1 month for them to locate and send me a replacement laptop. So, I don't want to send it in for repair just yet because I don't want to go trough that experience again and because I feel like this issue might be fixable without repair. I've only had this replacement for a month and it has mostly sat on my desk connected to my Razer core. There is absolutely no physical or liquid damage (I know Louis Rossmann always assumes that is a lie, but trust me) and, like I mentioned, my issue has actually improved; First temporarily with the Intel driver and support assistant and secondly with the system reset. I'd appreciate if anyone has any ideas on this one! Thank you!
  8. This is exactly why they do this. They know that everyone is going to hate on it, yet only a negligible percentage of people who hate it are going to be turned away by it. Don't believe me? iPhone 7 sales case and point: (6s was latest model in 2016, 7 was latest in 2017)
  9. The SEC is having a field day on this one... lol
  10. What? This seems highly unbelievable...
  11. The company could only focus on the high-end cars! Your telling me from a financial standpoint they would have been better off making a car for masses to start??? That would have been horrible for the company as higher-end luxury cars allowed the company to make a larger margin per-car, giving them enough money to get the chance to try and produce a lower-end car. People who claim other car manufacturers are taking a from Tesla's potential customer base away, I don't know where they are getting this evidence from. Let's take the Chevrolet Bolt from example, the only other car that really competes with a Tesla from a range standpoint with a 238 mi range. Currently, on autotrader.com, there are 1,736 of those cars for sale. GM is only scratching ~2,000 cars a month right now. There are 67 Model 3s on high markups for sale. There are still 420,000 people who had given up $1,000 with the hope that they could touch the car in a year. The only thing holding Tesla back is their inability to produce the bloody thing to supply the demand. From my PoV, I don't see how other car manufacturers are taking a huge chunk away from their potential customers because I see 420,000 reasons that say otherwise.
  12. What I think is more surprising in this news is not the fact that Apple is addressing this thermal throttling problem (Apple I think has been pretty good about fixing extreme glaring issues with their products) Apple allegedly worked directly with a tech youtuber to solve the problem. Apple has like never worked with the press of tech-tubers when it comes to their products...
  13. Oh, ok... Well, I still think that Logitech mouse would still be worth it and a good option for you. That video could still be useful as you could look up the models of the mice featured in that video on you E-teller of choice...