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  1. Yes, they did, as soon as they put up their websites, that is how the internet works. Hopefully all search engines will continue to do what Facebook is doing now, stop linking to the news sites. Let them dry up and blow away. They are mostly garbage anyway. -kp
  2. It is irrelevant to me and, I suspect, to most other people as well. -kp
  3. Whichever SSD you choose, you may want to check the manufacturer's support page and see if they offer a firmware updater for Apple hardware/macOS. Bootcamp might be an option for firmware updates but that will cut into your space for macOS so you will want to keep that in mind. -kp
  4. Haven't noticed that myself but I am sure some folks will chime in saying it is happening…spoiler alert, it is not. -kp
  5. I am sure they are but the M1 works so well, in part, because of the tight integration Apple has between the chip(s) and iOS and macOS. There is only so much Qualcomm can do in that regard. Qualcomm doesn't need to worry about Apple. They need to be concerned about Microsoft and Google developing their own chips designed specifically for their operating systems. -kp
  6. No. (not going to elaborate on that because I don't think anything I say will change your mind) If it is any consolation, since the early days of the internet, these type of "PC gaming is too expensive" posts have popped up from time to time. Often around the time of a console launch. You are not alone in feeling that way. But those posts weren't true in the past and I don't believe your's is true now. -kp
  7. Yes, and the clear message is kill hundreds of people and it doesn't matter if you do it while running a corporation. 2.5 billion is nothing in the grand scheme of things to Boeing. -kp
  8. My recollection is that without the thermal sensor adapter, the iMac ramps up the fans to 100% and I don't think an app can override their speed in that case. However, that may not be correct. It has been quite awhile since I read anything about it. -KeithP
  9. I believe those iMacs used Apple's funky thermal sensor with the installed HDD. I think you will need to get an adapter to make it work with an SSD. I noticed on OWC's upgrade page they list a thermal sensor as being included. -kp
  10. That is completely dependent on the earbud in question and the volume the device is set at. And since your other points seem to be dependent on people not being able to hear what is around them, your post seems to miss the mark by a wide margin. As others have already pointed out, when you are in public you should be always aware of your surroundings, especially the people near you. While earbuds can contribute to distraction, so can an infinite amount of other things. -kp
  11. Maybe I am misunderstanding your point, but truck drivers either get their medical certificate or they don't. I was under the impression the employer knows only that, pass or fail, and not the details of why they didn't get the certificate (if that was the case). -kp
  12. While they may have successfully ran their phishing test, they are also letting everyone know not to business with them because their employees can be fooled by a phishing scam putting customers at risk. Good job GoDaddy! -kp