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  1. But what tesla would be working on wouldnt be just limited to Germany. So while their public transportation might be viable other areas not so much Tbh i dont understand this notion that people shouldnt own or drive cars. Gas cars will eventually be phased out. But why phase out all cars in general? Id hate to live without a car personally..i mean itll never happen in my lifetime but even the thought of it i hate.
  2. Im really bad for building and upgrading my pcs for no reason. For what i do i could honestly grab an old optiplex and slap a gpu into it. But in my head im like "i want to play destiny 2 at 144hz 1440p" so instead i end up with a fairly nice setup. And if thats not bad enough i end up upgrading for no reason. Had a 1700x and 1080 and when zen 2 came out i decided to upgrade to a 3700x and 2070 Super. And when the new nvidia cards come out for some dumb reason ill replace my 2070 with one of those. Its a horrible cycle lol.
  3. Tbh it doesnt matter if you clean everyday dust will be there. Everytime you open the door, walk through the house, etc dust (be it dirt, dead skin, etc) is falling all over the place. As long as the dust isnt so bad its making your temps really high. Its nothing to worry about. Not great to look at on your nice pc but not harmful.
  4. Depending on the area public transportation is not viable at all. Personally i couldnt care less about endangered species. Unless it plays a vital role in life it can go. Bald eagles, red pandas, some german raccoon, etc i have no issues if they die off. The water part i understand. That should of been ironed out long before they picked that area.
  5. Theres literally no point continuing to talk to you when you are just being ignorant. You keep comparing canada to the us. Why? Two totally different countries with totally different laws. It does not matter what goes on in canada. Its not common to have a doctor to do a home visit. My insurance costs more a month then alot of poor people make in a month and it doesnt cover doctors who do home visit. Its illegal to walk on the highway here. I knew that law long before this thread and looked it up again. I cannot legally physically get to the nearest grocery store by walking. I have to talk the highway. Unless you think gas stations count as a grocery store. How many small towns in the US have you been to? In most the houses ive lived in we lived roughly 15 miles away from a city. In AZ, OK, IA, SC, and NC it was like that. Hell ive lived in 6 different houses in NC not including my home now and none of them had a grocery store that could be legally walked to in a reasonable time. You seem to know exactly what poor people can afford (without knowing how much they make or what their monthly bills are). You think they can only afford a cheap car because they are buying flagship phones every year and buying $4 coffees every morning. Also before Trump was ever elected the agreement was being changed. 9 years before the regulation would of went to effect it was being changed/delayed. Also the regulations didnt impact SUVs and heavy duty trucks to begin with.
  6. I dont think any youtuber is now a target. But i do agree it was very dumb of him to make the video since he knows its going to encourage his viewers to buy the phone.
  7. So your basically wanting a game to reward people who play it by buying a real drone for them to fly? So you pay 20-40 bucks for the game (it would be an indy game) and they would have to buy a $200+ drone for every player that gets good enough? You really dont understand why thats a bad idea that will never happen? They would be losing hundreds of dollars on every customer who played the game. Also...why? If you want to fly a drone just go buy a drone.
  8. RonnieOP

    How old

    Will be 30 this year.
  9. Tbh I dont think it would be wise just to lock a channel when its claimed its hacked. In theory that sounds good but then your just going to have people lying to get channels locked. But from those tweets it seems youtube did lock the account now?
  10. Which one you use depends on who your talking to and what they have. I use discord, skype, hangouts, and telegram depending on who i need to chat with. I mean its not like you can only have one.
  11. I mean its pretty common knowledge. In order to buy the $400 phone you habe to pay via bank transfer or crypto. Both are 100% non reversible. They might send some out but if i had to bet id say most people buying wont get it. Its not even a new scam. In india a guy made a $4 smart phone and took 54 million perorders and only sent out 5k.
  12. No it does not work like that. You really think that just because people vote for something that it happens? Again you clearly dont know anything about the US so I dont understand why you act like you do. If you think that just because more people vote for something that it happens then I have a bridge id like to sell you at one hell of a deal. How many things have you voted for in the US? How many years have you been dealing with US politics both on the federal and local level? A 15 minute drive is less the a gallon of gas for most people. If theres a gas shortage (which is very very rare to happen. We have had one in 16+ years ive been driving) You manage your gas better. Its illegal to walk on the highway in the US. I dont understand why you bring up laws in Canada that have literally nothing to do with the US. The only time your allowed to walk on the highway is in cases where your car breaks down and legally you have to get off at the next exit. Not alot of doctors do house calls. esp in rural areas. Banking online. Please explain to me how my phone is going to deposit cash into my account? If I need something notarized how do i do that with my phone? 17k miles a year and you think the car is only going to last 5-7 years? So you think cars die at 119k miles? Also idk why youd say 45 mph. Thats a pretty low speed limit that I only see on side roads. Yes in terms of cost per gallon a hybrid would be cheaper for them. But you fail to understand the upfront cost. If the hybrid costs you 10k more then the used gas car.....thats years worth of gas. It would take years before you would break even. How many car loans have you gotten in the US? How many in house financing have you done? Those calculators mean very little and are hardly accurate. You arent haggling an interest rate with poor credit. I have no clue where you got that idea. Banks are the ones in power. when you have poor credit you have 0 power when it comes to negotiating terms. Its take it or leave it. And thats if they offer you the loan. I know plenty of people who couldnt get that loan. Also you dont take into consideration the premium insurance you have to pay when financing a car. Your insurance can go from 35-50 bucks a month to 200-300 bucks a month. So in 3 months youve spent enough on payments and insurance to buy a perfectly running cheap used car. Again your thought process behind cars is asinine. For some reason your under the impression that when someone buys a used car that all they are going to do is waste money on repairs. Just because you buy a used car doesnt mean your in a money pit. Theres no reason to assume that at all. My truck was bought for $750, its 27 years old, I got it with 170k on it and its at 193k right now with no issues outside of cosmetic issues. Outside of my wifes Subaru Ive never spent more then 2k on a car and they all lasted me years and to my knowledge are still going. My grandma still drive a 94 buick lasabre I gave $500 for back in 2007. No major issues. Plenty of people find good cheap used cars. Its not hard at all. Id bet my life savings that my current daily driver will last just as long as any $10k car bought right now. Even if the engine and transmission needed to eventually be replaced the cost of the car plus the repair would still be thousands cheaper then the $10k car. "However for the most part if you are willing to risk buying a $1000 car then yes you likely could afford a $15k car." How did you type that out and not realize how dumb you sounded? If someone can buy a $1000 car then they likely can afford a $15k (15 times the price) car? Because someone who has $1k def has another $14k they can spare right? So your assuming that because someone cant afford a $15k car its because they are spending money on high priced cell phones? That they are going to starbucks every single morning? You really dont see how dumb that statement is? Everything i just quoted is pure 100% bs with basically 0 factual evidence to support it. You have no clue what everyones earnings and bills are. You know literally nothing about them yet you know what they can or cant do and what it takes. Your generalizing millions of people with no evidence behind it. How many people have you pulled from poverty mr financial advisor? It wont happen. It cant happen. The ACLU along with every single other activist group would be fighting it. You would have countless politicians fighting it, but for some dumb reason your under the impression that the government can literally do what it wants. Doesnt work like that here. Maybe it works like that up there, I dont know. But im also not going to act like I do know when clearly I dont (unlike you with Us politics). Poor people wont care that they no longer have the ability to drive their car? That actually sounds correct to you? The US cant pass a voter id law because they say it will hamper poor people. Yet you think that the US is just going to make it to where poor people lose their cars and ability to get to work, get food, etc? No. You are 100% ignorant. Bikes and Mopeds cant be legally driven on alot of roads in the US. Your not riding a moped/bike on I40 to get to work. But again you dont know anything about most alot of areas in the US and for some reason your under the impression that in all areas everything just a quick bike ride to wherever you need to go. I said earlier that when EV get to the point where they are easily obtainable that gas cars would die out. Thats not going to be for decades though. And again just because EVs become more popular that doesnt mean gas cars just disappear into the ether. MPG regulations literally have nothing to do with extending the life of gas cars. That literally makes zero sense. A car getting 35 mpg doesnt means its life is extended longer then a car that gets 25 mpg. A cars MPG means nothing when it comes to its life. My 96 Ram gets 12mpg. That doesnt mean its going to die quicker then a new Ram that gets 24mph. Literally nothing you have said makes any sense. Your generalizing millions of people with literally 0 evidence to support them. Your speaking about politics you know nothing about. And your making claims that are literally not true at all.
  13. It wont. As long as you are using it for personal use its fine. You can get anyones logo tattooed on you, you can draw anyones logo on your stuff, you can do a painting of trademarked logos/character/etc and hang it in your home. hell i can put a ford mustang pony on my chevy.
  14. Its no work at all. You go to login and you have to confirm the login with your phone. I use it on everything i can. Takes an extra 30 seconds or so. If we are talking about something idc about i wouldnt use it. Like on a forum account where im not selling anything just posting. But if its your youtube account then its worth it.