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    Ryzen 3 1300X @ 4Ghz
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    MSI B350 Gaming Plus
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    G.Skill 1x8gb @ 2933Mhz
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    Fractal Design Focus G
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    1tb Seagate Barrucuda 64mb cache
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  1. Judd

    16x2 LCD Letters Are Very Dim

    Ok, sorry about this but it appears after some testing that my 5v power supply was outputting 10v instead of 5v. So, after getting a new power supply and testing it, it now works. Thank you for the help and sorry for wasting your time. Have a good day.
  2. Judd

    16x2 LCD Letters Are Very Dim

    When I connect the LCD to an external 3.3v power supply it appears dim, when connected to a 5v power supply all of the individual pixels are whited out. When connected to the Arduino and 3.3v it works perfectly fine. When connected to 5v it still appears whitewashed.
  3. I have connected an LCD to my Particle Photon, and the letters that the Photon sends appear to be very dim. When connected to my Arduino, they are fine. I think it has to do with the fact that the Photon is 3.3v, so I put a 3.3v to 5v logic level converter on all the digital outputs, but it still appears dim. Whenever the LCD freaks out and displays random letters and question marks, the text is bright and easily readable. I can send pictures if that would help better. Thanks, for any help.
  4. One final thing, I would wait until Zen 2 is announced from AMD. It supposedly will have about a 15% increase in IPC and 8% increase in core clocks, making it a valid option for gaming at the high refresh rate.
  5. Judd

    should i enable or disable network card cpu offloading?

    You're right those are basically the same numbers. Due to the CPU % increase, I would leave the settings how they were originally. However, it might be worth it to play a game and test the ping in game. I can do that but will have to wait till tomorrow. Thanks for posting the results. I'll get back to you after I test it myself. Cheers.
  6. I agree. I'm using a 1600X and it works great.
  7. You can also only get 2 fans since that case comes with 2 unless you want them all to match/
  8. You want more than 250gb of storage if you want to play games. Get a 2tb HDD along with the SSD and install Windows on the SSD and games on the HDD. Other than that its fine.
  9. Judd


    If you are comfortable with messing with router settings, you can try setting up an upstream QoS configuration and prioritize cloud at a very low setting to ensure other devices get better connections. Also backing it up to a laptop or desktop through iTunes is my preferred way with Apple devices, since it's easier to retrieve, faster backups, and faster restores when actually using the backup. Hope this helps.
  10. Judd

    should i enable or disable network card cpu offloading?

    Also, I'm now expert either, but I thought those settings turn on to save on data rates because they send larger files less frequently rather than smaller files more frequently. I may be completely wrong though, it's been a while. Also, run a virus scan on it before it runs, just to be safe.
  11. Judd

    should i enable or disable network card cpu offloading?

    Can you not just try it? Go to speedtest.net and run a test 3 times, record the numbers, then turn off those settings, restart the PC and then re-run the tests. Compare the numbers, and report back so I can try it it works.
  12. Judd


    iPhones upload other things than just data to back it up. Every text message, especially videos and pictures go through WiFi on Apple phones if enabled in iMessage (great feature by the way). Also, your location is being uploaded as well as any requests your phone makes to connect to the internet, such as things as simple as searching up something in Safari. Go to settings and under WiFi data usage it should tell you what apps use what data, at least Android does that I know of on my Note 9. The classic "oh wait a minute, I may be wrong but I don't want to admit it" phrase. Most people here know that Apple does bad things but also I would hopefully think that they can see the innovations they have made. Such as iMessage. That's about the only thing I miss from Apple. They also have more powerful processors, but then they do throttle them after the battery degrades, so yeah. Apple has pros and cons, just like any other company. Personally, I love my Note 9 and will never switch back.
  13. Judd

    A video player for Windows 10

    Leawo Blu-Ray player is what I have always used, works great for me. https://www.leawo.com/blu-ray-player/ I believe it can skip to the next file but not automatically. You have to press next. You can also skip sections easily.
  14. Try turning on V-Sync in Nvidia control panel, or in the game if you have AMD. Here is how to turn it on. Right click on the desktop then click on the Nvidia Control Panel. Then click here; Then scroll down to here; Then turn on V-Sync here; Click apply. A restart is needed most of the time. Hope it helps.