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    Ballarat Australia
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    Gaming, Anime, The Ladies, Extreme Weather, Earthquakes, Computers
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    Male in my late 20s, Single etc
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    Intel Core i7 - 4790
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97 Pc Mate
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    Crucial 4 x 8 GB DDr3 1600mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte G1 Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB
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    Cooler Master, Master 5 Pro
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    2 x Samsung 850 EVO 250GB - Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200RPM
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    EVGA 750Wat Supernova 80+ Titanium
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    2 x Acer 1680x1050 75hz 22Inch
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    Corsair H55 Single Rad Cooler
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    Logitech Gaming Pro X Keyboard Cherry Blue
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    Logitech G403 Wired/Wireless
  • Sound
    Realtek Motherboard Audio
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. Ok, ok easy there I am sorry if it is a mess my mind runs 1000 miles a second and cannot help it and I try to control it. I am getting the XR300 have no need for the other things as I am the only one using the network at any giving time. Even here in Aus they congestion is quiet low where I am right now I see 4 other connections on my phone and 2 are mine, 2.4/5.0ghz
  2. I posted few days a go about my internet sleep changing in minuets never cutting off but would either the XR300 or XR500 be best for me since I am only user and rarely use anything other then my PC. ( Phone in bed watching YouTube ) I did a heat test and it gets so hot to the point of it almost burning my skin and I cant just replace it I attached 2 120mm fans on it at 1500rpm and seems OK for now but I am getting a replacement but into then would either 2 of these be OK for a better networking. ( I all so said I had a virus but I reinstalled windows and runs better but it is the modem ) Speeds I get I get from 425-550 during the day download and 30-40 upload. So yea if there to much what other would be best the XR300 is on sale for 199$ AUD (125$USD) ish, the other XR500 is 399$AUD (255$USD)
  3. Reinstalled, But it turned out the HFC modem I have overheats and since it's cable I cannot just switch. It will go from 550down/40up to 25down/01up in minuets.
  4. I did there may be a left over or somthing but right now it seems ok it may of been an issue at my isp or melbourne.
  5. Yes just a simple question could reinstalling windows 10 after I had a virus can fix the speed issue I am having since infection even tho I scanned with multipul programs.
  6. Hello Since yesterday 29/04/2020 ( US: 04/29/2020 ) I did a virus/spyware/malware scan and removal and since then my internet was running real slow compared to my speed average that rarely fluctuates. I am thinking it was the virus and I am reinstalling windows today and I will let rest of us when done. During This Issue Before This Issue
  7. Hello I recently moved houses and place I am now the f-type wall connector is damaged. Kinda like this but it bit older with isp name on it. https://www.bunnings.com.au/hpm-vivo-1-gang-tv-coaxial-outlet-only-white_p0015180 I got these the otherday from same store should they be ok as a replacment. http://www.antsig.com/detail/?sh=AP146 I allso re-stripped the coax and chrimped new one. Here is my speed while the plug is damaged I should get 170ish up 1000down https://www.speedtest.net/result/9220591975 So the antsig plug work on my 1gbit network fine??
  8. It's just when I do that raid it shows up as if my SSD's were a 7200RPM drive and since windows treats SSD's and HDD diffrent due to SSD's cannot be used the same tho they are getting better each year. So should I install Intel RTS before I start install windows. Install RTS before creating a partition.
  9. MSI Z97 Pc Mate Intel Core i7-4790 Gigabyte G1 Nvidia GTX1070 8GB 4 x Crucial 8GB DDR3 1600mhz = 32GB 750wat EVGA Supernova Titanium 80+ Corsair H55 Single Rad 120mm Cpu Cooler 1 Seagate Barracuda 3tb 7200rpm 2 x Samsung 850 EVO 250GB = 500GB Acer Dual 1680x1050 22inch 75hz Logitech G403 Wire/Wireless Logitech Pro X Mechanical Cherry Blues Razer Goliathus Speed Edition Extended
  10. Hello people, I am in need of help I want to setup my ssd's as raid 0 or 1 since I have an unused ssd in my pc with my main OS ssd Samsing 850 EVO 250gb. I tried copple months a go and it showed up as a regular HDD and I know you should not do that because windows thinks it's just a regular HDD and it might defrag the Raid or enable default caching ect. I think I saw some post saying you should install Intel Rapid Storage before creating new partition in windows 10 install. If so please let me know any help is helpful. Elite Knight
  11. Ah ok Thanks for the info I did have some clicking noise while otherway up and removed 1 fan since I think it was fan was keeping air bubbles from leaving due to the suction and leave the fan at auto speed and since then no issues. Idels about 25c and maxes at almost 60 on hot days and I all so running GTX 1070 8GB since I still run 1080p 75hz I have no need to get a new gpu cpu since most games still can run on dual core but in year or so I will be getting either a Ryzen or xeon budget. Still the 4790 is the second fastest 4000series in i7 besides the K but I do not need to overclock all my games run 60+ fps.
  12. Hello people I was wondering with a AIO I am still using on my i7 - 4790 None K what the best oriantation to put my Corsair H55 AIO. Here are some images as an example. This image is how the radiation is mounted with the tubes point down. But is it best to have it like this with the tubes up so gravity assists in better cooling? It runs good but it can reach 43c+ here in summers and I know my gpu gets warm the fans spin up.
  13. Would push be best since on of the fans bearings are bugged.
  14. I was wondering as the post title says should 1 or 2 fans be used for AIO even tho I do not overclock my 4790.