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    Ballarat Australia
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    Gaming, Anime, The Ladies, Extreme Weather, Earthquakes, Computers
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    Male in my late 20s, Single etc
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    Intel Core i7 - 4790
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    MSI Z97 Pc Mate
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    Crucial 4 x 8 GB DDr3 1600mhz
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    Gigabyte G1 Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB
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    Cooler Master, Master 5 Pro
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    2 x Samsung 850 EVO 250GB - Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200RPM
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    EVGA 750Wat Supernova 80+ Titanium
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    2 x Acer 1680x1050 75hz 22Inch
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    Corsair H55 Single Rad Cooler
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    Logitech Gaming Pro X Keyboard Cherry Blue
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    Logitech G403 Wired/Wireless
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    Realtek Motherboard Audio
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

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  1. Hello I may of found a fix to stop Cold War Crashing after the 461.92 Driver and it is quiet easy 1: Make sure you run in fullscreen (windowed mode) 2: Go to your config and edit these commands to this. --------- | First | --------- //Gameplay // //Frame rate cap (0 for none) max_fps = "0" // 0 to 1000 //Frame rate cap in the frontend (0 for none, should be smaller than com_maxfps) max_fps_menu = "0" // 0 to 1000 //Frame rate cap when game is out of focus (should be smaller than com_maxfps) maxfps_inactive = "0" // 15 to 10
  2. I am currently having issue where my mouse seems to be getting to much friction on my mouse pad. I use an G903 Hero Wireless Logi And a speedtype Mouse pad. At some positions it seems less sticky as I say. Haha my crude paint skills. But this is mostly how I sit and thinking it is my position since at some angels the mouse seems fine. I sit with my arms and hands tad below the desk. So I think my chair it to small. And I sit with a slant foward where I should sit straight.
  3. Less then a month. It makes a tick sound when seeking I think it is ok anyways. I backed up incase. Scanned it and it says healthy
  4. ________________________________________________________ I am wondering if my hdd is fine and it makes the noise when seeking. ________________________________________________________ I use an 4tb Seagate 5200rpm 3.5 HDD for storage and massive games with a 250gb SSD as OS and if there is an issue I have nothing important on there mostly games/videos. The HDD is ST4000DM004-2CV104 5200.11 RPM I do have another same drive that makes the same noise to so I am guessing since there slower you hear the seeking more. ________________________________________________
  5. Ok I got a z97 P Asus On the way so hope it fixes it since I don't mind plunder and it probably killed my 6tb HDD the 5$ pwm crap.
  6. Its prob pwm cotroler the capacotor is fine the marking is from the chip its not bulging but I will keep an eye on it. As I said the rest of my games are fine.
  7. Hello I am having some issues I cant figure out whats wrong with my game every so often only mw 2019 cold war is fine my monitor either turns off or screen blacks out and I thought it was my HDMI cable and yea could it be dynamic res and making it where last night I so happen to be minimizing the game before a game starts and I had to alt tab and while that my monitor light that says on off or idel started flickering the light indactor but I got it back. if it was my card would be triggering in my other games and only other thing is is after I idiotically used a cheap 5$ pwn controller Wh
  8. I did my new board has right amount of ports and everything besides that pwm connctor works fine so yea I will wait and get a splitter not that board ones that cpu coolers somtimes have.
  9. (Hope I Am Right) I know, I know I got a 5 in 1 4pin pwm plug and it shorted the centre pwm connector since when I plug into it my rgb fan flickers and refunses to spin so I unplugged a cpu fan (got 2) and wait for my new mobo This is what I got :S I know https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-2-3-4-5-6PCS-5-Way-PWM-Splitter-Hub-4pin-CPU-Computer-Fan-Black-Sleeved/124283603717?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=425149443241&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2648 Everything running fine just that one plug is dead so yea I am in idiot.
  10. I am simple confussed since here in AUS getting new 1150 boards only shows 1 2slot board but there are some that look healthy and was wondering what to chose. I game with a Msi Z97 PC MATE 1070 G1 8GB 32gb Ram and the i7 4790 I dont plan overclocking but want to make sure its not cheap. I say the asus Z87-C and Z87-K and cannot chose plus there just under 100$ but there are better boards but I have no need the msi board I have is starting to age and it has 2 cpu pins bent by pure luck it lasted a year but I am noticing speed issues slow games even csgo and css seem to stutter more an
  11. Ah I found them on my 14tb HDD in a folder that was like 40 folders deep XD so its ok. I needed them for an old game and knew I had them some where just forgot where. I really need to sort out files.
  12. I am tring to find the 2 versions of XNA Framework of the original 1.0 and 2.0 I have 3.0 3.1 and 4.0 Files Names 1.0?? 2.0?? xnafx30_redist xnafx31_redist xnafx40_redist I am looking for them due to issue with some older games.